Witch Beam Says PS4 Makes 60 FPS Easy; Internet Overreacts

Internet overreacts to developers' statements about the PS4's technical prowess.

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Kingthrash3602536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

well because the internet knows more than the dev who actually works on the console.

things internet also knew:
jackie chan died
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world ends 12/12/12 or 12/21/12 or 1999 or 2000
i can go on...bin laden alive
jay-z and other rappers are illuminatti
tupac alive & elvis alive
michael jackson black..but had white kids
jordan is a alien
kobe DIDNT rape slutty chick
miley cyris isnt an embarrasment

the internet is always right

GameNameFame2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

- floods of devs saying PS4 is more powerful.
- Spec analysis from both Andandtech and Digital Foundry says PS4 is far more powerful.
- If you really need to know, you compare spec and PS4 is clearly more powerful.

Yet, X1 fanboys either grasp at super triple GPU stories or say "oh this dev dont know" "that dev dont know what he is saying" "oh spec does not tell all story" "oh analysis by reputable site is a lie"

PS4 is more powerful by night and day. Get over it. Most of X1 exclusive cant even run 1080P.

FlameHawk2536d ago

Just by comparing the specs people should know by now PS4 is more powerful and we know that the Xbox One doesn't have any secret double GPU or whatever bull people were making up.

TheVideoGamHer2536d ago

Every fanboy grasps at straws and downplays. That's why they're fanboys lol.

DragonKnight2536d ago

What's funny is that the dev says his comment was taken way out of context but it actually wasn't. He provided the context in the quote. He said, and I'm quoting him,

“From a pure tech perspective it’s undeniable that the PS4 GPU will make it the most powerful console in the world and for us that means we can turn on every visual flourish we want while keeping a smooth & responsive 60fps. We’re focused on every version running at 60fps including Vita, frame rate is king.”

Right there he establishes the context by saying the PS4's GPU will make it the most powerful console in the world, that they can turn on every visual flourish they want. That sounds like IN ADDITION to 60FPS.

So what it looks like is that he said what he said (and meant it) then realized the potential problems it could cause in the future and back peddled by saying people misunderstood the context in which he was speaking. But no one did. He literally said "the PS4 will be the most powerful console in the world." What is ambiguous about that statement at all?

UncleGermrod2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

SO i take it this must make you a PS fanoby? Here you are saying all this night/day BS when you have never witnessed either system. Judging by specs is not night and day. It's like having 2 similar gaming PC's which handle the same types of games, but one can more easily play said games at certain resolutions. That also doesn't mean xbox one games will not handle 1080p. "Night and Day" would be like wiiU compared to the new consoles. Get real man. You sound uneducated, biased, and immature....aka fanboy. And people keep with all this Double GPU business. That's been confirmed false for weeks. The only problem here is that devs can't even praise a powerful piece of tech without all the fanboys losing their minds and claiming that suddenly it means everything else isn't up to snuff. Both consoles are powerful enough to the point that the specs should not be doing the talking. If you haven't noticed, all fanboys basically sound the same. You guys are a joke.

GameNameFame2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

50 percent difference in tflop is ''similar''

Lol. You are my prime example of x1 fanboys trying to damage control.

UncleGermrod2536d ago

lol fanboy huh?. listen moe, the reality both systems visually will offer up the same basic types of graphical abilities. I didn't say the ps4 won't be able to go further, just similar. It's not like the ps4 gpu will offer some kind of magic experience you couldn't have elsewhere. I am no fanboy, it just gets me mad people like you think you have some right to make broad, uneducated claims like "day/night" differences. I have always been, and will continue to be a multiplat gamer. I guess that's what happens when you work hard and can throw down for both consoles. I just don't like to read comments such as yours and not at least point out your absurd bias.

NatureOfLogic2536d ago

These devs comments don't bother me, as I know they're only reassuring me that I made a smart choice with my money. So ready for Nov.15

Eonjay2536d ago

I'm all for the PS4 but I too think that its creazy to go bonkers everytime someone tells you something obvious. We already know the PS4 is a powerful console. We also know that the Xbox One (while not as powerful) is still a very capable machine and the owners of both systems will be very happy with results at launch.

Evilsnuggle2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

No one is talking about the fact that the PS4 has 100% more ROPs than xbone. More ROPs will lead to a higher fill rate while ROPs work on all pixels (textured or not). An ROP is responsible for things like anti-aliasing and z-testing. Again, the more the better. PS4 will always have cleaner sharper textured than xbone. Like the comments that texture look muddy on xbone battlefield 4 and better on PS4 battlefield 4.

UltimateMaster2536d ago

He said frame rate is king.
Meaning they want to prioritize FPS over Resolution.
Pretty sure they can get the 1080p on PS4.
The vita will probably be 540p as usual, it's the res they run the games at.

Rimeskeem2536d ago

Xbox fanboy also is like

"specs mean nothing"

-_- are you serious?

Kryptix2536d ago

The only people that are overreacting are the Xbox fanboys that can't take it when a developer makes a statement that the PS4 has better hardware.

Even when you look at things on paper, the PS4 has the much better hardware. Also how can people say, "it only looks good on paper" when developers have also been saying that the unified memory is much better to work with and adds no complex step. When a console is easy to work with, hitting the potential of it will also be quicker which will make the PS4 the lead platform next gen. Developers prefer simplicity because they want to make their games look their best before it gets ported. And the PS4 is not just easy to work with but also more powerful.

TechMech22536d ago

Power ain't everything, and fans shouldn't have to justify their purchase to random strangers because their opinion is different. Who cares if x1 fanboys or ps4 fanboys hate the other system. Hating another system that you would not own is the same logic as arguing about which company you throw your money at.

Thunderhawkxbox2536d ago

If ps4 can't handle indie game to be 60fps then it's rubbish even wii u can handle 60fps I feel sorry for u sticking up for Sony lol

mewhy322536d ago

I completely agree gamename. When I say stuff like that I lose all my bubbles ROFL.

UnHoly_One2536d ago

I don't deny for a second that the PS4 is a more powerful console. The PS3 was more powerful than the 360, as well.

My point is that doesn't make it a "better" console. That part is subjective, and depends on the player's personal likes and dislikes.

If "more powerful" automatically makes it better, then I have to ask you why you aren't gaming on PC??

Keregan2536d ago

Lol floods of devs all working on indies games for Sony (because they receive a free dev kit :P) Now if witchbeam wasn't able to put their crappy game at 60fps they wouldn't be good devs that'S it.

Oh and, as it is now we didn'T see a single games running at 60fps neither on the PS4. The only things that come close to this is KZSF devs stating that it run at 60fps in multiplayer MOst of the time.

Sorry guys, but as it is now the PS4 as alot to proove and doesn't deliver much :)

Sono4212535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

@The UnHoly_One

I think this should go without saying but the specs are compared because they are both new consoles in the next generation.. of course everybody is going to be curious who built the strongest machine.. it happens every generation, if your still confused by this I don't know what to tell you.. but the fact that you bring up PC just shows your a bit lost..
You can't compare consoles to PC's you just can't.. they are both completely different machines made for different purposes, this should also go without saying..

But I would like to touch on the fact that you believe people think the PS4 is better just because of specs.. well i'm here to tell you that your wrong.

The PS4 is better for multiple reasons.. now sure the launch titles are arguably equal but let's look past the launch.. who has an amazing track record for supplying multiple ip AAA games? Who has way more first party studios? The answer to both of those questions is Sony. I can count the 360's/Microsoft's AAA exclusive ip's on one hand. The same can't be said for Sony, and while were on the games subject let's not forget the PS4 is getting indie support like crazy and PS+ offers a good amount of games both indies and exclusive AAA titles free. oops and I almost forgot all of the free to play games the PS4 is getting, I could look them all up and list them but don't feel like it.. you can do so yourself but I believe at launch there are atleast.. 5? free to play games available? maybe 4? not quite sure.

Now my final points im going to try to sum up to shorten this up a bit but as for features they are just about par except the Xbox One has TV and a couple minor kinect things like telling your heartbeat, but the PS4 has being able to take over your friend's game. That's about it though for features they're almost on par.

Now for the final point which is regarding the Online. 360 fans always love to claim their online is better when honestly.. this just isn't the case. I own both a 360 and PS3 and iv'e experienced more problems on the 360 regarding online than on my ps3.. and I even play it less. So that's more problems with less play time, so how can you possibly claim that is better? My guess is most 360 fans who say this don't even own a PS3 nor have they played one online and they simply assume "oh i'm paying for it so it must be better" which isn't the case at all.

Now in closing let's not forget that the PS4 has all of this.. the Specs, the games, the features, the online.. all with a $100 cheaper price point not to mention you pay less per year for online. The choice seems obvious if you forget about the brand loyalty thing.

So there.. That is why the PS4 is better.. thank you for your time :) the whole hour and a half ;)

malokevi2535d ago

How did you manage to make this about Xbox One and MS fanboys?

Why are you so angry?

Do you ever stop and ask yourself "why am I typing this?"

linkenski2535d ago

...and BF4 can't even run 1080p on either console.

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TheDevKit2536d ago Show
HighResHero2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I laughed reading through that list.

Also, the PS4 could probably achieve 60fps in most games easily with its' specs, 8 cores, custom architecture, etc. Obviously....

But more importantly it will likely have lots of great games.

Anyway I just ordered a Vita and I think PS4 is sexy at the moment.

_FantasmA_2536d ago

Actually Kobe didn't rape that chick. She had sex with like 2 others dudes. She was a hoe who wanted money. And I live in Denver. People here hated him and booed him everything he had the ball but I didn't. You can't blame a guy for falling for a hoe's tricks.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx2536d ago

Never kiss a how in the mouth if you do be careful

Magicite2536d ago

PS4 = First True Full HD Gaming Console.

linkenski2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

In our "HD" gen, which is current-gen, the biggest tech-marvels ran at sub 720p which was the target resolution for most titles.

I'd argue PS3/X1 is gonna have the same issue where target is 1080p but a lot of games pushing the hardware is gonna run sub 1080p, some 900p and some back to 720p.

4K or not, I'm keeping my 1080p/720p tv.

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PopRocks3592536d ago

The thing I like about this article is that essentially a lot of gamers' issues with hardware would be alleviated if people would just shut up and wait for the games to come out and THEN judge them.

This dev says this about PS4, then that one says another thing about Xbox One. As someone who is interested in a PS4 and only a little interested in Xbox One, everyone needs to STFU and wait for the games to come out rather than clamor to any dev that said something they like or didn't like to hear.

TheVideoGamHer2536d ago

Exactly. Obviously entering a new console generation is exciting but people are grasping for straws as every little bit of news. It's annoying.

UncleGermrod2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I agree. All the guy said is that the ps4 is the most pwoerful...duh. He didn't then go on to say that xbox one is a joke and everyone who wants it should die. I mean why can't people talk about the tech with out everyone making it some penis size contest right away. I loved my 360 this gen, but i had ps3 and also enjoyed that. I has no prob admitting that the ps3 was a bit more powerful, but that didn't seem to make the difference. So why should it be different now. Everyone just wait it out and enjoy your games.

miyamoto2536d ago

well someone got a hurt real bad...

M$ PR dept started this media buy out misinformation campaign flame war against the ps3 even before it came out in the USA back in 2005 to the present and opinionated people who saw through that 'shady' tactics ain't gonna let them get away with it this time around.

M$ used the power of the internet but they under estimated millions of anonymous Sony, Google or Apple fan's power to wield the same power against them

they started the fire and we will finish M$ with it!

its people power rage against the M$ machine!

Hicken2536d ago

People are interested now as it affects their purchasing decision. It affects their confidence in the $400+ they're about to spend.

If more developers come out praising the PS4(or XB1, for that matter), then people considering it can feel comfortable that it won't lag behind when it comes to the games: it won't miss out on titles, or have inferior ports. And they can feel assured that the hardware is capable of bringing some experiences they've yet to come across.

People like justifying their purchases; developer comments is just one way of doing that for consoles.

Why is that such a problem?

PopRocks3592536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

So in other words, you're A-okay with immature fanboyism that leads to petty squabbles and people attacking each other over who said what just because.

I don't mind these developer statements but this dev makes sense; gamers on the internet take this information way too seriously and it gets way out of hand and they use it to act like elitists who are superior to others. I already know that the PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One. It doesn't mean I'm going to be a jackass and shove it down the throats of fans of the Xbox Brand, or vice versa when EA says something bad about the PS4 version of Battlefield.

Kryptix2536d ago


He never said he likes immature fanboyism and people attacking each other. He said that he likes it when developers make sure that you are making the right decision by letting out statements instead of keeping it all secret and in the dark.

When a fanboy says X but a developer says Y, X is eliminated and so far almost all the time, Y is that the PS4 is better and easier to work with. I don't think the fanboy should stick with X but that's the problem with the internet...people believe in their own lies or other's and that can make things worse and result in arguments. The real main problem is fanboys not accepting truth then you have another person trying to do the right thing and try to correct them so others don't read the comment and believe them. That's how the Xbox dual GPU rumor came into circulation because fanboys make things up and you don't have a lot of people to correct them. And when they finally buy the console, they'll see that they have been misled because nobody was there to prove that there was no dual GPU all along. There's fanboys, then there's people just telling the truth. Not saying one side is free of fanboys, but I believe the Xbox fanboys try really hard to play down the truth just to justify their purchase. Even when most developers say this, they believe in the opposite for no real reason.

Evilsnuggle2536d ago

Sorry I missed that article that said the xbone one 80 is the most powerful game console now or every. All the article i read say the PS4 is far superior to the xbone one 80 in hardware. Post me a link please that xbone is more powerful than PS4.

PopRocks3592536d ago

Did you or the fourteen other nimrods that disagreed with my comment even read it? I didn't say anything even suggesting Xbox One would be powerful, let alone more so than PS4. I said it's stupid how people keep grasping for straws and looking at every developer statement with a magnifying glass to give 'points' to their favorite brand.

If you somehow got Xbox Defense Force from my comment then you have no reading comprehension skills whatsoever.

pete0072536d ago

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Lovable2536d ago

Internet overreacts on everything. Make things so interesting and entertaining.

TheVideoGamHer2536d ago

Haha. Granted, I'm not sure where I'd be without the interwebs.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2536d ago

Easily 60fps? Doesn't that depend on y'know, the game itself as well? What a stupid thing to say.

BitbyDeath2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

"I'd like anyone to find a source willing to say that the PS4 is not the most powerful console. MS aren't saying it." - Witch Beam

They aren't backing down from it unlike what this article is trying to say.

Xsilver2536d ago

hey there the devs i'll listen to them over any fanboy.