Why Developers Deciding Which Xbox One Achievements Record is a Smart Move for Microsoft

Concerning the recent confusion with the Xbox One's automatic Achievement recording, Albert Penello illustrated the DVR feature by explaining that they had given control to game developers.

Considering Microsoft’s track record of dissatisfying decisions, DigiBytes writes why this one is incredibly smart.

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christocolus1860d ago

yup.i totally agree...let the devs be the ones to decide what achievments are cool enough to be recorded..that aside hope crackdown 3 is released..the first one had some really cool achievements.

Trekster_Gamer1860d ago

This is an awesome feature and smart move by MS.

BobBelcher1860d ago

Can't believe people are trying to put a bad twist on this. To me, this is even better than "automatically records every achievement." Can you imagine the dull ones?
Plus, let's say the achievement is "get 20 kills w/ [choice weapon]." Devs can open up recording for every kill, giving it a montage of kills leading up to the 20th/achievement.

aconnellan1860d ago

Now that would be pretty cool, because I'm imagining each one would be a little different, so it'll paint a bigger picture than just the moment the Achievement unlocks