Thinking about trading in your video games?

Next gens soon to be released, and many big new titles coming out you might be thinking about trading in some (maybe all) your games. You might also be thinking hrmm, where do I get the most for my still playable stuff. Well we have been doing some research to help you out. Now it might not be statistically accurate but we searched the interwebs, called many stores and even visited a few.

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Welshy1838d ago

I'm not a trade-in person either!

I like my collection and being able to play an old favourite whenever i want.

Plus, trade in prices are daylight robbery in most place, even for new title that have only been out for a matter of weeks.

I'll keep my collection thanks =)

thebudgetgamer1838d ago

Like you sometimes a game will sit on the shelf for months, then it'll hit me and that's all I will play for a while. Besides that when I am truly done with a game my nephew comes and takes it.

Excited2play1838d ago

As any real collector will tell you, the minute you sell a beloved game is the same day you'll want to play it again.


pr0t0typeknuckles1838d ago

i agree,its why i stopped trading games in and now my collection is pretty big becasue of it

ironfist921838d ago

Sold every single game I've played, never looked back. Too many newer games to play anyway.

Y_51501838d ago

Yeah I traded in Resident Evil 5, Red Dead Redemption,Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5. Regretted every game being traded in...I haven't traded in a game in over a year now. :P

IWentBrokeForGaming1838d ago

If I couldn't trade or resell, I wouldn't be able to afford to keep up with newer games!

I only trade games that I beat and/or lose interest in though... They either collect dust or help me pay off newer releases! I always choose the 2nd way!

cero551838d ago

"Games with much higher review scores will keep their value longer, and games with very low scores will loose value very quickly"

this couldn't be less true.

LaidBakLazyHippo1838d ago

i sold my ps3 and my xbox 360 at the price I bought them for ...problem is i'm stuck with gamestop credit :(

Lubu1838d ago

Buy kindle cards with your credit, and it'll become Amazon credit. That's usually what I do.

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The story is too old to be commented.