When can we expect the PS4 Slim? How slim will it be? (Including some history)

PS4Home: "The various PlayStation consoles are certainly not immune to this phenomenon; in fact, they’re perhaps a shining example of an evolving product line."

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mushroomwig1834d ago

The PS4 slim basically ends up being a PS2 slim? I'm fine with this.

ZBlacktt1834d ago

Smaller then it is now would be insane, lol. Slimmer then a laptop and still the most powerful. Thank you Sony!

Software_Lover1833d ago

Well, they are laptop parts. If they can get a slim bluray drive performing properly, I can see them getting as slim as a laptop with a small external power brick.

MAULxx1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It's slim enough for me as it is. I'm not going to be stacking devices on top of it any time soon as my TV stand has a little growing room. I guess you could put your superslim PS3 on top of it & save a space on your stand.
Stacking, the new backward compatibility :)