The Daily Five: Overrated Next-Gen Features

"Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 and a suite of features to get excited about back in February and June of this year. At the time, we were all blown away by it and couldn't help but be surprised by almost everything they revealed. Now that we're several months removed from that hype period and the new pre-release hype is just getting underway, I'm starting to feel like some of these features may just be a tad overrated in comparison to how much we've built them up." - David Wales

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barb_wire1933d ago

The Cloud - whether it's Gaika (or whatever it's called) or just "The Cloud"

P0werVR1933d ago

I understand the reason why people don't take the Cloud computing seriously, but It's going to be a major part of gaming here folks. Whether you like it or not.

And if anything, there is one major company that will base it's infrastructure around gaming and that is Microsoft.

Unless Google or Amazon get's into the competition.

I take it seriously, because it is the obvious benefits for gaming (graphics, AI and gameplay).

OrangePowerz1933d ago

Cloud is just a fancy marketing word for something that exists.since many years in the games industry. It's a different word for dedicated servers.

D-riders1933d ago

IT will be a part of gaming, but not what you think it will be. Graphic cannot be enhanced through the cloud maybe as tech jumps again, but that's like 15 10 years away. cloud graphics will never compare to actual hardware running. AI and or computation like background loading makes sense. but going much further than that you are looking at an onlive type of experience and compared to what I can get on my actual screen its just not on that level .

DeadManIV1933d ago

Sony has OpenStack as well as Gaikai

P0werVR1932d ago


Pfttt at the OpenStack comment. Yeah sure.



Yes true, but graphics none the less. Either way, all true with Microsoft being a major player in the next decades.

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Zancruz1933d ago

Cloud I agree with... With all the problems that current online games have using Cloud Memory/Servers services I do not want it on my games or console.

Gaikai is more like Steam, It's for streaming games I believe. I don't think Gaikai and Cloud are the same thing, I don't use Steam but I hear it's great for PC users.

P0werVR1933d ago

...Steam are simply digital distributors, but have streaming as part of their service. Take away the term Clound, and steam will pretty much sum up everything that Cloud gaming would be.

So basically, Gaikai is Cloud. Just cloud streaming.

Lubu1933d ago

I was playing GTA V as Trevor. I was driving a car in the desert an getting attacked. So I jumped out of the moving car. The car then hit a boulder, flipped up in the air, and landed on me.
There have been moments like this that happen quite often, that make me wish I could capture them. And trust me, its a lot funnier if you saw it happen.

dragonopt11933d ago

Basically everything the PS4 has lol, nice try stealthyBOX....

DavePSU1933d ago

Stealthy Box only covers the PlayStation family.

Grave1933d ago

I think the whole '2nd screen' thing will disappear.

OrangePowerz1933d ago

Why is a list about most overrated NEXT GEN features only about the PS4?

DavePSU1933d ago

We only cover the PlayStation family.

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