First WRC 4 Vita gameplay video - Italy

VVV: "Unlike last year's WRC Vita iteration, WRC 4 is, much like Milestone's port of MotoGP '13, the full fat game: every car, stage from the console version will be included from day one this time round, along with a career mode, making for a much more definitive package for rallying on-the-go. Expect your thumbs to get a thorough workout on WRC 4's challenging stages."

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PoSTedUP1834d ago

SO EXCITED!!!!! glad to see the full game, i love me some WRC on psp and vita.

remanutd551834d ago

This actually looks really good.

PoSTedUP1834d ago

wrc3 on vita is awesome despite the lack of the full game. they just nail the authentic feel of a rally race: sense of speed, depth preception, physics, sound etc. the game is so challenging (no assist in manual drive). next to gran turismos rally, this is top notch imo. i really cant wait is does look awesome.

Grave1834d ago

Wow, looks crazy good. We've come along way since tetris.

memots1834d ago

inside view ? ( cockpit ) ???

Knushwood Butt1834d ago

Looking good.

Nice vid VVV.