Crispy Gamer: Universe at War: Earth Assault Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "Now that the world's most brilliant minds have worked out Fermat's Last Theorem, it's time to move on to something more challenging: How to Adapt Real-Time Strategy Games to Console Systems. Currently up at the chalkboard is developer Petroglyph, attempting to calculate Universe at War: Earth Assault onto the Xbox 360.

On the PC, Universe at War was nothing if not promising. It was an intriguing RTS that pitted three unique factions against each other. In addition to the typical story-driven campaign, it featured a strategic mode played out on a global map. It was an early adopter for Microsoft's Games for Windows Live, the PC version of Xbox Live, and it had giant stomping walkers, swarming anime robots and magical divine chariots. Those are always a plus. Never mind that the PC version pretty much fell apart under the weight of its bad artificial intelligence, bad interface and bad multiplayer; four months later, here is Petroglyph's second chance to get it all right."

What's Hot: Excellent interface twist uses the mini-map

What's Not: The interface doesn't hold up under the gameplay; Horrible graphics slowdown

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