Battlefield 4 on PS4 and Xbox One: a Simulation of How it Should Look at 900p and 720p

There has been a lot of talk on the fact that Battlefield 4 has been demonstrated running at a resolution of 720p on Xbox One and Ps4, and while EA DICE says that the final resolution isn’t yet finalized, and that they’re targeting to have the same resolution on both next generation consoles, many are still wondering what the real pixel count will be.

Here are several screenshots simulating how the game should look on next generation consoles with both 720p and 900p resolutions, and a direct comparison between them.

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spiceonpsn3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Guess we'll have to wait till the game devs start knowing the hardware they work on a little better. There is still work until they optimize the graphics for consoles. I mean, just remember how the first games looked on the xbox 360 and ps3 and look how long they've come since then.

ambientFLIER3882d ago

Yes.....Just look at Forza 2 compared to Forza 4. Looks to be a whole generational leap between them, yet, same hardware. Also Halo 3 to Halo 4...

ShinMaster3882d ago

True, kinda like Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 3.

P0werVR3882d ago

But remember, both Sony and Microsoft are claiming this time around, either console are created to be taken advantage of earlier then late.

So big ups, probably this will beat the PS2 era, if anything NOTHING has come close to PS2.

NewMonday3882d ago

I can see the difference, even though it is only 900p, this will be important in spotting enemy movement

ambientFLIER3882d ago


yes, but the xbox360 was relatively easy to program for this gen, and yet, there still was a big difference in launch games versus the last couple years..

NewMonday3882d ago


I know you put a lot of work into this, but it would have been better to make a gif switch between the two, comparing between the same object on the 2 screenshots dose show the difference, objects can be obscure on 720p but clear on 900p

ajames3473882d ago

@newmonday: you'll see absolutely nothing with a gif, since GIFs completely fake colors and compression :D

NewMonday3882d ago

Then a side by side focused on objects should do, I looked at the full screenshots linked at the bottom and they do show the difference

UltimateMaster3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

It's weird.

In some images, there's almost no difference.
But in other images, there's a clear definitive difference.

I'm guessing you'll see the difference when it's on your big HD TV.

NewMonday3882d ago


For me it stands out with complex images, this will make a difference on reaction time.

0ut1awed3882d ago


I wouldn't expect a Uncharted 1 to 3 leap this gen though. That was simply because of the cell processor that took years to utilize fully.

the PS4/X1 is simply a PC in terms of tech so optimizations over the years, you bet. Uncharted 1 to 3 difference? probably not.

It's not really a bad thing though. It just means devs are going to have full optimization of the systems much sooner.

The_KELRaTH3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

All I know is that if I run a game like BF3 on my PC at native 1080p then drop the resolution to 720p with the TV upsampling to 1080p there's a huge difference in image quality - and taking screenshots doesn't demonstrate the TV's upsampling effect.

UnholyLight3882d ago

Yeah you're right @ambientFLIER, but I think Forza and Forza 2 was when the guys at Turn 10 were still trying to go for a more pure physics and real life simulation type gameplay.

Forza 3 came around and they sort of made it more Arcade/Simulation with some real graphics but I think you get what I'm saying? Honestly I think if you look back PGR3 had better graphics than Forza 2 even though PGR3 was supposedly sub hd scaled up

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FamilyGuy3882d ago

I still feel like PS4 owners are getting short-changed by this parity BS. It REALLY annoys the f outta me.

On topic, I can clearly see the difference and this is a 720p/900p comparison rather than 720/1080p comparison. If it comes out at 900p that would be cool but those 720p pieces are murky/muddy in comparison to 900p. Not every shot, just the ones that are closer to the character, with the exception of that glass/window covered building, it's obvious on that one despite the distance.

It's the textures that become a letdown at 720p, they're blurry and if you can't see it well lucky you. I expect more outta "next gen". I see it and then that statement about making PS4 and X1 versions the same resolution annoys me. Most PS4 games are 1080p so this being less would be the X1s fault, point blank, period. Going lower still than even 900p would be a slap in the face.

BX813882d ago

Why is the Xbox one's fault? Let's say both end up being 720p and the devs say they had to make it the same but the ps4 could have done 1080p. Do you honestly think it's the fault of the Xbox one or the devs? Get real bro.

Mystogan3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

It annoys you because you guys think the PS4 is some sort of magic machine, That can run any game at 1080p at 60fps and then blame the X1 when confronted with the reality.

The only way you see the difference is because of the lines. Just take a look at this picture without the lines.


FamilyGuy3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )


"Do you honestly think it's the fault of the Xbox one or the devs?"

That is quite literally what I just said, Yes, Absolutely, 100%. It would be the developers of the X1s fault for making their system weaker and MS as a whole because of their parity request/mandate sitting on top of that. There would be blame aimed at Dice as well for allowing one consoles short comings to dictate the quality of their game on another console.
It's ridiculous and it annoys me.

@ Mystogen

There's no "magic" involved, it's called better hardware that's setup in a way that's also easier for developers to work with. It's also called LOOKING AT THE QUALITY OF EVERY OTHER PS4 GAME!
The accusation of fanboyism is the weakest argument people come up with on here. The entire picture you linked to looks like crap because it's all at a distance, like I mentioned in my first statement. It's the close up stuff that has the most detail yet it stays blurry in the 720p spots. If you can't see it, that's you, I can see it and it's disappointing, lines or no lines.

P0werVR3882d ago

I believe you guys should take a rest from reading these posts, because obviously you don't know better.

You guys are delusionally expecting too much out of Sony when in fact NOTHING in a box as small as a console can push that further.

What you need to do is compare games current gen to next and put your mind to rest.

kornbeaner3882d ago

But that is expected of a multi-plat games. Current gen it was okay to hate on the PS3, because it was industry wide, so who cares? But now that it seems that the PS4 might be superior due to extra band-width, it's not all of sudden okay to make fun or broadcast that the XBone is not quite the machine the X360 was during this gen compared to the PS3.

It would be bad business since a lot, if not all the multiplat developers and publishers simply made more money on the 360 opposed to the PS3.

But that's what exclusives are for, they are there to take advantage of the hardware and that is where the PS4 will shine, just like the PS3 did during this gen. As long as the PS4 performs the same as the XBone, than I'm okay with whatever the devs have to do to in order to deliver the same performance across both platforms.

FamilyGuy3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I'm not okay with that @ Korn

I'm fine with them not pushing boundaries to get every ounce of power out of a particular system, what I'm not fine with is them scaling what they can do back. Do you see the difference? If they already know they can have the PS4 version running at 900p for example and then drop it to 720p because the X1 couldn't handle 900p that situation is what bugs me.

I know 60fps is a hard thing to stabilize on these consoles and it's the main focus for most FPSs but if they have that in-check on both console while at difference resolutions they should publish them that way.

We're only stuck with intention parity because the power of the hardware is "close" but there is no forced parity in any other systems. No one is scaling back Wii-U games for parity with PS3/360 version, or scaling back PS4/X1 version for parity with Wii-U. PC games aren't being scaled back so they remain on par with PS4/X1 games either so why have parity at all?

All games should scale to the hardwares capabilities, not the competing hardwares capabilities.

Docknoss3882d ago Show
Ju3882d ago

It's not gona happen that this game will be 720p. I can't even believe they can't reach 1080p. Given the PS3 version has less players, but the demo runs absolutely smooth. There is absolutely no reason a PS4 version can't run 1080p. If they are not there yet, they are simply behind. My PC version runs like sh!t compared to the PS3 version. But what, I have some crap running there and should probably wipe it clean...but the thing is, I tried 720p (High) and it still lags like crazy. Probably a problem with the (AMD?) drivers?

tuglu_pati3882d ago


i dont think there is gonna be any parity BS. If the PS4 really is more powerfull than the XB1 the games will show it.

FamilyGuy3882d ago

1080p everywhere, even 6 months back in that link above me. PS4 definitely capable of BF4 in 1080p.

Look more into that article an you see them saying Killer Instinct was 1080p on the show floor at E3, supposedly running on real X1 hardware, yet now it's confirmed to be 720p...

H0RSE3882d ago

"If they already know they can have the PS4 version running at 900p for example and then drop it to 720p because the X1 couldn't handle 900p that situation is what bugs me. "

- And how do you know that them scaling back was for the reason(s) you suggest? There is always going to be a balancing act between quality and performance, regardless of system. Perhaps you are right that the PS4 could've run BF4 at 1080p, but at what cost? If you think it would have also ran at 60fps, you're fucking delusional. It's less about what a system is capable of and more about what is practical/optimal. If a scale back to 720p vs 900p resulted in higher performance more to DICE's liking, then I fail to see the problem here.

Until they start offering console gamers advanced video options, allowing players to pick and choose settings for quality vs performance, they are essentially at the mercy of the devs - it's one of the drawbacks of a closed system.

FamilyGuy3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

PS4 has no problem doing 1080p, many of those PS4 games in 1080p are 30fps though. BF4s goal is 60fps so I don't "expect" 1080p but I do believe that it can do better than 720p. Like I said in my very first statement, "900p would be cool", as in fine, good, acceptable. 720p would mean (obviously in my opinion) that their intentions for parity are holding the PS4 back.

You could EASILY google all the PS4 games that are guaranteed 1080p and see that it isn't an issue for the PS4, the 60fps desire is the only thing that will hold that back.

This is such a pointless debated, you all already know the PS4 is more powerful, not "magically so" and not "as powerful as a high end PC" either, just more powerful than the X1, in addition to being easier and faster to develop for. Why is it that you guys don't get that, because of this fact, PS4 versions SHOULD BE, better than X1 versions?

I'm annoyed that intentional parity is fully ignored when comparing any other console yet for X1/PS4 and 360/PS3 it's the "goal". Why tf it that a "goal"? The only people not annoyed by this are the ones buying the weaker console.

H0RSE3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

"PS4 has no problem doing 1080p, many of those PS4 games in 1080p are 30fps though."

- then it arguably does have a problem doing 1080p, since performance (framerate) is arguably as important or more so than visual quality. I, and would wager many others as well, would rather opt for a "proper" next-gen experience, with 1080p@60fps, than essentially a really pretty looking current-gen experience.

Being a PC gamer, I have played games at 30fps, 60fps and well over 100fps, and I am convinced that although having a game look spectacular is very desirable, framerate is king, which is why benchmarks are based around framerates. I would gladly adjust my settings to make a game look as appealing as a bag of smashed assholes, if it warranted a substantial boost in performance.