‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ civilian killing and other mature-rated details revealed

The ESRB has revealed their rating summary for “Killzone: Shadow Fall,” revealing some civilian killing gameplay elements and other details.

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AlexanderNevermind1838d ago

Hey if they're in the way then they should be able to be injured/killed.

HammadTheBeast1837d ago

But I thought GTA V did that perfectly.

LOL_WUT1838d ago

Interesting I wonder how it'll all play out ;)

Haules1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Why can't they make a Helghast campaign?!
Helghast campaign would be great and new! Why the disagrees? wtf is wrong with ppl on this site...

kratos_TheGoat1838d ago

maybe for season pass idk. but back to subject, sf is going back to his old kz2 realism style day 1

Haules1838d ago

I like the weight feel in the gameplay. Not like COD or BF where player feel like holding a paper gun.

kratos_TheGoat1838d ago

lmAo kz2 was more realism then 3, 3 felt fake cod noob friendly no emotion nothing plus kz2 had my favorite boss radac what a badass he was miss him

iamnsuperman1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I wouldn't like to play a Helghast campaign as their enemy (the ISA) would be a boring enemy to play against. The enemy (the Helghast) make Killzone a good series. I wouldn't want to squander that by having to relate to a Helghan/the Helghast and sympathise with their motives. That isn't what the Helghast are about and it isn't their strength as a faction (i.e. with their very Nazi image and ruthless tactics).

LEOPARD10301838d ago

This is the reason because Killzone series failed in sales ( only 2 millions vs 8 millions of Halo reach).

Play like ISA is boring and disappointing (killing million of innocent people at the end of Killzone 3 was a stupid ending), with a nasty characters like rico and narville, also the ISA has weak technology ( the same equipment of a regular soldier at the present). In another hand the Helghast army is strong, futuristic and brave.

If GG wants to be a success, they need to do Helghast/ISA campaign. Otherwise Killzone will be again another failure in sales, the 70% of the people bought K2 and K3 for the Helghast.

kratos_TheGoat1838d ago

@iamnsuperman killing isa will fun f***k them for killing radac lol.
@leopard1030 halo fans grew a lot since the first xbox, while kz is starting getting their own loyal fanbase when kz2 was winning goty. 3 did little bad trying to get cod player by making 3 a noob friendly game

trenso11837d ago

The ISA would make boring enemies since they aren't as diverse as the Helghan enemies, but the Halghasts motives and reasons for fighting are way more interesting imo opinion, when in fact froma certain they are the good guys, who oppressed by the ISA. The story is some much more in depth than games let it be.

FamilyGuy1838d ago

It would seem that it's like saying that you want to play as the Nazis in a Hitler game. LOL, enjoy understanding your disagrees.

wishingW3L1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

if you been following this game then you know that SF is like the Cold War. There are no bad guys or good guys, just different point of views.

And beside, some of the greatest war crimes in history were made by Americans (the atomic bomb, agent orange, Ponce massacre) and we still often play as an American solider killing "bad" guys in many video games.

FamilyGuy1838d ago

So what you're saying is that you don't consider Nazis to be any worse than Americans?

Sevir1837d ago

you missed the point entirely. He's simply stating playing as a helghast in this game wouldnt make much sense since this game is based on Cold War Berlin in which this wasnt a war with a clear villainous side, but just a war between two soceities trying to coexisist. What ever parallels youre taking from his illustrations on the point there of is missunderstood and taken greqtly out of context.

FamilyGuy1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

No Sevir, I was intentionally ignoring that part because of his comparison between Nazis and the atrocities committed by Americans. I'm not slow lol, I just found the second part to be a more interesting topic.

"you missed the point entirely", nope, you missed MY point entirely. Was my ignoring his first statement relating to the games storyline not blatant enough? lol

Hicken1837d ago

I think you're all trying too hard to make real-world events match up when they don't fit.

The Helghast aren't the instigators of the war between them and the ISA, so they can't be Nazis.

The Cold War analogy also doesn't fit; it would work if the Germans had no choice but to move to, say, America, and try to coexist there. Hell, it wasn't even the same two ideologies that had been fighting that opposed each other in the Cold War, as is the case in Shadow Fall.

There just aren't real parallels here.

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LEOPARD10301838d ago

The Helghast are amazing, a campaign with them will be a success. The ISA is very boring, generic, plane and uninspired, the ISA is bad.

The Helghast are Killzone's soul.

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WorldGamer1838d ago

Makes sense, it's commonly called "Collateral Damage". This is a common military term, and is something that IMO shouldn't be shied away from in a military game, because it is the reality of war.

From the description, seems like the game is going to have mature themes throughout, which is the way is should be.

Nov. 15th can't come soon enough.

DigitalRaptor1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I wonder if we will be visiting the Helghast part of the city, and that is where we will do the civilian killing. Or perhaps it is talking about the Helghast terrorists attacks.

Or even playing a mission or two as one of the Helghast infiltrators would be something fresh and interesting for the series. I'd say an interwoven story where you play as both sides and get insight into the culture of the Helghast and their political and idealistic motivations first-hand, that would be pretty rad!

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