“The Fall”: Coming to Wii U | In its Last Few Hours on Kickstarter

Vancouver based Over The Moon has officially become a registered Nintendo developer, and has hit their Kickstarter goal for Wii U support late into the campaign, ensuring that The Fall will be coming to the Will U. Approximate release date is targeted for April, 2014.

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QuebecSuperstar1840d ago

That's one indie title I cannot wait for.

OrangePowerz1840d ago

"The fall" is a fitting name for anything coming to the Wii U as it describes the platform very well.

Disclaimer: I own a Wii U.

neogeo1840d ago

I thought it was talking about WiiU falling or failing. I did not even know it was a game. Misleading?

gpturbo811839d ago

says the monkey with the dreamcast avatar

OrangePowerz1839d ago

Whats that to do with anything? The DC was a failure sales wise we all know that. It's not reflection of how good or bad a console is and the same goes for the Wii U, it's not a bad console in itself.

Chrischi19881839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

and because u own one, does mean, it gives u the right to talk bs on a topic, that has nothing to do with what you said, other then some trolling wordplay. "I own one" Who cares? If you dont like it, sell it and be done with it. I have had it with you trolls. It is not possible to read the news about Wii U without one of you guys coming up, feeling the urgent need to talk BS on the Wii U, like you dont have a life anymore, you just cant just keep your bs to yourself, it is not possible for at least one of you trolls.

gpturbo811839d ago

its a fine console. it does exactly what i need it to do. aside from itunes, it eliminates the need for my pc. it has plenty of games, plus internet on the tv is much appreciated. people just dont know about it, thats it's problem

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TripC501839d ago

Didn't know about this game at all. Watched a youtube pre alpha demo of it and at first I thought Limbo rip off. But it's very Metroid with a point and click feel to it. The writing and story premis was very interesting. I was hooked within the first 2 minutes of gameplay.

MEsoJD1839d ago

Don't see any appeal in this, but good luck to the dev.

1839d ago
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