GTA V: Will It Be Remembered More than Last of Us

Two games received 10s on IGN this year, so we debate which title will have the bigger legacy going forward.

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iamnsuperman1925d ago

GTA hasn't really had an impact on the industry since GTA 3. That launched the sandbox genre and GTA has done its thing. I can't see it doing more than it did with GTA 3 (it would be unfair to ask it too). The Last of US really pushed how narrative is done in games. Will it change things? I hope so but I don't think it will/will take some time to see the effect because it is still a hard thing to do in games. But it may make people try hardier.

HarryB1925d ago

You must be wearing your pants too tight sally. That is the biggest crock of shit I ever heard.

kratos_TheGoat1925d ago

what since gta 3 each series is breaking their own record.gta 5 made r*s a lot of money in worldwide 1 billion in three days tlou is not reaching that greatness of 5. but goty both will win it.

iamnsuperman1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

You have twisted my words (and their meaning) as sales doesn't mean the impact I was going on about (nor the podcast). If what you say is true (and it is) why haven't seen more games like it. GTA 3 changed how sandbox are made and played but since then how many sandbox games can you link to GTA as an influence? I don't think GTA V will change that

uncharted561925d ago

Umm lots of money does not equal to good game see cod. But GTA 5 is indeed that good of a game. I got to say though the story was not that good. Characters were well developed but story was weak. Last of Us had a better more emotional story. I like both games but GTA 5 has edge in gameplay and online because of the amount of variety it provides.

MysticStrummer1925d ago

Sales and impact on the industry aren't the same thing. GTA3 rocked the industry. The subsequent GTAs sold more, but they haven't had the same effect.

I'm playing The Last of Us for the first time now and to me it's clearly more Game of the Year material than GTA5 is.

But, in the end both are great and both will be given the award by different sites and magazines.

kratos_TheGoat1925d ago

gta vice city and gta sa did more impact then 3. when it comes to better gameplay, soundtrack and outstanding story that lead to a bigger fanbase. tlou will be remember by sony fan but legacy no way it match with gta series

MysticStrummer1925d ago

"gta vice city and gta sa did more impact then 3. when it comes to better gameplay, soundtrack and outstanding story that lead to a bigger fanbase."

You're still just talking about sales. The 3D city and basic gameplay of GTA3 are what had the huge impact on the industry. Yes, GTA gameplay has evolved some, but it's about like The Elder Scrolls series. I've played all the ES games and the basic gameplay is pretty much the same as it's always been, with minor changes. Same with GTA.

The soundtrack thing is subjective. I think the GTA5 soundtrack is weak, and none of the talk radio since GTA3's has been as good. Also, I think GTA5's story is weak in a lot of ways, but especially the ending. There's almost no character development in any of the GTA stories. GTA4 had the strongest story in my view, but I know that won't be a popular opinion.

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DanielGearSolid1925d ago

Dude cmon... You may not like GTA but to claim it hasnt had an impact since GTA 3 is ridiculous

-Foxtrot1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

How though, how has GTAV had an impact like GTA3 has.

It's not like GTA3 where people were like "Woah I've never seen this before, an open map, missions, free roam, this is great" for the first time. Things have changed we have many open world games now (might not be as detailed and amazing as GTAV but still) the ideas are there. Take the grappling hook and parachute for Just Cause 2, that thing is amazing and despite it's barron map it was HUGE, like massive.

I mean with GTAV your just improving the formula and adding things to make it better yet there isn't anything that's made an impact. Does this mean I'm saying it's crap like you'll probably claim in a counter argument....NO, it does not, I think GTAV is a fantastic game worthy of the praise it's getting but I don't think it's impacted me as much as when GTA3 came out

The Last of Us though was new and took risks for being a new IP. It had great character development, amazing graphics, a well thought out and touching story. All of this is WITHOUT Rockstars budget. You have to give them praise there, it's the reason why I would rather see The Last of Us win GOTY at the VGA's. GTAV will most likely win because it's GTA, not because of GTAV.

come_bom1925d ago

Both games will be remembered. Both games are great.

x5exotic1924d ago

TLOU not having the same generic story line as Uncharted doesn't equate to revolutionary story writing.

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Haules1925d ago

GTA5 is purely overrated game.

kratos_TheGoat1925d ago

you can the same with tlou lol. both gtA 5 and tlou story is outstanding

MysticStrummer1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

GTA5's story is not outstanding, and the end is incredibly anti-climactic. I'm not done with The Last of Us yet, but so far the story is much better than GTA5's.

I don't think either game is overrated, but I do think TLoU is better.

Edit : Neither game deserves a 10, so in that way both are overrated lol

So far I'd give TLoU a 9.75 and GTA5 would get a 9.5 from me.

DanielGearSolid1925d ago

"I THINK GTA5 is a purely overrated game"


How can you make the statement that something is "overrated" when ratings are individual opinions?

SpitFireAce851925d ago

So is call of duty but it comes out every
year anyway.

CrossingEden1925d ago

Yes it will. Doubt many people will be playing the last of us multiplayer in the next few years compared to GTA online, ESPECIALLY if there's a next gen re-release/pc version.

darren_poolies1925d ago

What? What has the online component got to do with it? You're missing the entire point of the question..

djplonker1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Gta is jack of all trades master of none (except satire)

Tlou had a great atmosphere and story.

I enjoyed both but tlou was something new and it gets my vote!

Angels37851925d ago

Well that is debatable...GTA can be considered a jack of all trades and a master of most (but not all).

MysticStrummer1925d ago

GTA is the master of open living worlds and satire. That's about it.

-Foxtrot1925d ago

"I enjoyed both but tlou was something new and it gets my vote!"

Yes...exactly what I was thinking

If it was Uncharted 4 compared to GTAV then you can't make that argument as they are both sequels. I'd say give the Last of Us the benefit of the doubt, we always complain we always get sequels to games, now we have the chance to give the praise to something brand new and different

Deep-throat1925d ago

what a stupid comment.

You think only the MP part can be remembered?

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