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Titanfall is promising everything fans of shooters, mech fighters and free runners have enjoyed into one epic experience. This is our preview from the EB Games Expo in Sydney.

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Hufandpuf1928d ago

My most anticipated next gen game under BF4.

1. BF4
2. Titanfall
3. Dead rising 3 (played it a few days ago, so fun!)

IWentBrokeForGaming1928d ago

I personally wasn't that impressed with this games graphics when I previewed it on my 360! It didn't strike me as next gen and the color pallet reminded me of gears too much! I personally think Ryse is the Ones launch game to get... The gameplay in Ryse is the closest thing I've seen MS do to capturing the feel of say the God of War franchise!

Hufandpuf1928d ago

I played Ryse, it was good but DR3 was better in terms of how much fun I had. Ryse I was like "cool", but DR3 I was like "WOW, I didn't know you could do that".

IWentBrokeForGaming1928d ago

What was so WOW about Dead Rising that you couldn't do previously? Cause I haven't seen it... Not attacking, just asking!

Hufandpuf1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

The weapons were much better in terms of combo weapons. You don't have to go to a workbench to combine objects now. You can just do it on the fly. And now the weapons can almost combine with everything, so no longer do you need a. Guide telling you what goes with what in a strict manner, you can eat pretty creative and the weapons are powerful for example: a weapon that looked like wolverine claws that shot automatic bullets which took out zombies in waves, or the battery hammer which smashed zombies and spread electricity to other zombies around them.

The gameplay is MUCH more fluid making the combat better compared to DR2 where if you get hit, you'd stall and be open for more attacks. It's easier to move around zombies and the frame rate never slowed down no matter how much you put on the screen.

Also you can combine cars. Personally I didn't know how despite the staff telling me how to do it, but I saw others that combined taxis with garbage trucks and making the death mobiles that shot either flames or electric guns from cannons on top of them.

It was easily the most talked about game they showed which were:
Forza 5
killer Instinct
Kinect Wave Rider game

And everyone that played DR3 were finding new cool things that others wanted to see, like when I showed a staff member how to become invisible to zombies with a some yet overlooked combination, which was awesome.

Oh, and football grenades!

BobBelcher1928d ago

graphics-wise, it's pretty basic.
I'm hoping that the 'next-gen' effort is
put into the gameplay.