Drive composer says he's working on Far Cry 4

American composer and former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez seems to have outed Far Cry 4, according to a recent interview with Lost in the Multiplex.

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bodweiser1839d ago

but more importantly, where is Far Cry: Blood Dragon 2?

-Foxtrot1839d ago

I'd rather have Far Cry 4 to be honest

I'd rather see Blood Dragon end up as it's own series in the future totally separate from Far Cry

humansuck881832d ago

I love the Far cry games but for the next one I think it would be a cool change to have it set in the Arctic or somewhere cold instead of a Tropic Island or Africa. Think about the possible you can have polor bears, elephant seals, snow leopards, killer whales. Also snowmobiles snowboards, planes and skis.
Just an Idea that I have I love the Tropic setting for the game but if the forth one used the same thing it would turn Far cry into the next COD with the same game being brought out over and over agine witch would be a big shame

Savoking1231832d ago

I Wish they add Vaas like he didnt die he was half dead then some of his men found him!