5 Reasons to consider going digital for Pokémon X and Y

"Here are 5 good reasons for you to seriously consider getting a digital copy of Pokemon X or Y. Starting with the more obvious reasons, and ending on a note that you might not have even considered!"

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Beetey1888d ago

These don't really make sense. The first one has to do with getting the game quicker, yet the last two won't work unless you wait a few months to get the game.

Anarki1888d ago

My Pokemon got posted out a few days ago, chances are it will arrive here before release

TekoIie1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I would but I still haven't bought a physical 3DS game yet :/

Plus has a pretty good pre order offer going on and I've got £8 worth of points that need to be spent :)

TongkatAli1888d ago

I wanna smoke weed and play Pokemon.

overrated441888d ago

I want to look cool on the internet so I talk about weed.

ZeekQuattro1888d ago

If Amazon pulls what they did with Fire Emblem I just might have to download it.

Einhert1888d ago

The pokebank isn't out until december so that is not an option and the download copies have no advantage since it is there for all users.

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