You can now finally grab Malicious Rebirth on PlayStation VITA for $15

Malicious Rebirth was announced to be coming this week for PlayStation VITA. It can now be officially downloaded from the store for $15.

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Protagonist1840d ago

Yes a port, but the more the better ;)

Protagonist1840d ago


The more (games) the better. Original IP´s and ports, but not just (more) ports!

DarkLordMalik1840d ago

Journey is also developed on the same Phyre Engine. I would definitely love to play Journey on a VITA with that beautiful OLED.

Protagonist1840d ago

Man!, that would be THE game to port for the PS Vita.

mitchell11881840d ago

I think moving or should I say dodging could be a little more fluid but all in all its well worth the price and has a very distinct art and style. Good play.

DarkLordMalik1840d ago

Have you played the PS3 version? How does it play compare to PS3? What about the new content?

mitchell11881839d ago

I haven't played it on ps3 sorry but I can say the extra content is pretty sweet. I haven't been able to put it down

1840d ago
Nabbic1839d ago

Playing this right now, it feels amazing.
It's sort of like... Dynasty Warriors mixed with Soul Sacrifice mixed with Megaman...

Well worth the £10, I'll keep this for next weekend when I'm travelling.