The Inane Idiocy of Saying "I've Outgrown Nintendo"

Phil of SuperPhillip Central writes, "One of the most overused and obnoxious sayings I see against Nintendo from their critics is that gamers have "outgrown Nintendo." This is pure lunacy, in my opinion. That's like me saying I've outgrown Disney, despite that company producing and manufacturing content for all ages. What gets me further agitated is some of these same people say they've outgrown Nintendo go on to play what I would consider to be totally immature, albeit very fun and well designed game series like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty."

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PoSTedUP1928d ago

ive outgrown pokemon, and i didnt get the wii because of the hardware and i didnt like the mario games compared to the old ones. i liked nintendo when i could play their exclusives AND other third party exclusives as well as multiplats that Were All Up To Par With The Respected Generation. now nintendo are too far behind for me to consider them atm.

klecser1928d ago

You appear to have outgrown the spelling and grammar instruction you got in school. Therein lays the irony of your post.

KwietStorm1928d ago

Well that wasn't off topic at all.

UltimateMaster1928d ago

Well, there's casual games for all ages and then there's kids games for people under 14.
Nintendo markets to both.

UltimateMaster1928d ago

I do wish there were more Teen/Mature games for the Wii U.

Twisted-Trotty1927d ago

I agree mate, imagine if people had the same attitude when disney pixar bring out a new animated film! Its a fact nintendo release high quality titles that are fun and challenging, they retain their value longer and sell constantly throughout the console lifecycle, And remember everyone this so called kiddie sd wii that has outsold a hd ps3 and hd 360! Nintendo will be fine naysayers.

Beastforlifenoob1927d ago

"You appear to have outgrown the spelling and grammar instruction you got in school. Therein lays the irony of your post."

It's INSTRUCTIONS not instruction.

WOW your spelling sucks/s

That's why judging people for bad spelling on the internet is stupid its not a cv/resume were talking about here and I'm sure you have made plenty bad spelling mistakes on N4G or other websites, so yeah shut it.

klecser1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

No its "instruction", not "instructions". I can see how you would get the two confused. Here, I'll help:


I meant definitions one or two. You think I meant number four. But, I didn't.

In education, "instruction", is the series of lessons given to help a student understand a topic. So, "spelling and grammar instruction", is the series of lessons given to help someone to know how to do spelling and grammar properly.

EXCELLENT attempt at a "zing!" Yet, you misunderstood the word that I used, so it fell flat. Keep trying to sound like you know what you're talking about! You'll get there!

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klecser1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Not at all. How can you make a convincing argument when you can't even spit out the words properly? The article is about "outgrowing" things, yet this poster can't even comment like the adult he/she claims to be.

PoSTedUP1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

of course you cant be stupid enough to not understand my post, let alone combat my Opinion. im on the vita browser and i dont include any apostrophies bc its a pain in the ass to enter a seperate screen to do so. so i run-on sentence at times. i dont apply nor think about puncuation when i comment on a gaming article. and if anything is misspelled in any of my comments, its because i dont know how to spell every word in the dictionary like everyone else that uses spellcheck (the vita spellcheck is horrible). why not approach me like a mature human being? clearly im not the one acting immture LOL. you have a lot to learn.

clearly my comment has rubbed you the wrong way, or you may be someone ive owned in the past under a different name and are trying your hardest to try n make a fool out of me. either way, this personal attack says a lot about you.

1928d ago
Hicken1928d ago

You'd be surprised how many adults can't spell or use proper grammar.

Does that make them less adult? Holding a 9-5 and taking care of a family and all that goes along with it isn't dependent upon how well you can spell. Taking care of your responsibilities isn't determined by your grammatical prowess.

Which is why, as KwietStorm says, your response was off-topic, at best.

truechainz1928d ago

Pokemon is a bad choice to point out seeing as how there is more intellect necessary to really understand how to properly raise the stats and monitor breeding and trading of pokemon than there is to place most games that came out this generation.I'm willing to bet that you were too busy just picking which pokemon looks the coolest...

PoSTedUP1928d ago

replying to my comment with your comment on intellect was a bad choice seeing how intellect and what i personally consider myself to have out grown has nothing to do with the learning curve or complexity of the game. it appeals to kids, but adults can enjoy and play it. you dont see a lot of adults, if any, watching mickey mouse or playing micky videogames. 'know why? because outgrowing things like that amongst children to early adults is way more common than people who dont outgrow them. no one is saying its a bad thing or immature. pokemon obv had a lasting effect for some people, but ive personally outgrown the whole pokemon scenario.

truechainz1928d ago

you have proven then by acknowledging the learning curve that you adults can enjoy it and therefore maturity is not a factor. Therefore you haven't outgrown pokemon because you lost taste for the easier attraction points of that game, you just dont care for it which is also fine. Claiming you have outgrown it is like saying you have outgrown statistics based strategy game which you can see why that doesn't make sense. So no need to make it a maturity thing when it is just a matter of taste.

PoSTedUP1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

therefore i Have outgrown pokemon Because i lost taste to the easier attraction points to the game... "easier attraction points" are the kiddy-like scenario.

almost anything has a learning curve, that doesnt make something mature or not mature. pokemon is directed towards kids, and mostly kids buy it, and most people outgrow it at a certain age. you dont even have to look at the statistics to put it together in your head.

i like that style of gameplay, just not the whole pokemon thing bc for some reason, like most others, i only liked it when i was a kid.

i didnt say anything about maturity. saying youve outgrown something doesnt describe a level of maturity. i think its the selfconscious mind of a pokemon fan that would think that. it being a thing more for kids doesnt mean its immature, and i said its not immature, but it doesnt mean i cannot outgrow it. by thoes standards you can only outgrow physical things pertaining to size, when in fact, that is not the only way the term can be used. your arguement can be said about everything that Can be outgrown (i.e. childrens cartoons, dora, mickey; pointing out some mature concepts etc.) by societys standards, and it says that the word "outgrown" cant be used when talking about a subject or matter and only pertain to maturity, by Your way of looking at it, which is incorrect, because that isnt the only way to use the word. it is an opinion and point of view as to what one has or has not outgrown.

now excuse me while i go watch some power puff girls while eating cheerios with a bib becuse that is Something that i have Not outgrown, whether it is mature or not, i could have or could not have outgrown it, and im not going to argue the Fact that i Havent Outgrown it because that is the correct term to use when talking about something i Personally liked as a kid and still like to do. you see?

miyamoto1927d ago

another damage control flame bait article to outgrow

play nice kids

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hellzsupernova1928d ago

I've outgrown Nintendo. They don't make the kind of games I want to play.

RTheRebel1928d ago

From the guy who plays Little Big Planet, Oh Jesus help me.

Phil321928d ago

I don't think he bothered to read the article anyway, as I went over what he just said.

hellzsupernova1928d ago

I played little big planet but never got into it. I'm not saying Nintendo makes bad games just saying they don't make the games I want to play.

Yeah Pokemon was awesome when I was literally 12, I have moved on don't want to do that anymore I want a more mature experience.

At least I do not personally attack you for your opinion.

PopRocks3591928d ago

So... wait, you've outgrown quality games?

hellzsupernova1928d ago

I never said they make bad games, don't read into it like that

_QQ_1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

i guess he out grew this http://images4.wikia.nocook...

and this

and this

those oh so kiddy games

truechainz1928d ago

There is a level of depth in Nintendo games that is exhibited by speedrunners, collectors, and especially the competitive gaming sectors of nintendo games. Most likely you just never made it past the first layer that makes Nintendo games accessible to everyone which is understandable. Therefore it would be more accurate to eliminate the first part of your statement and just leave the last one (which is just fine)

Shnazzyone1928d ago

I've found most people who have "outgrown" nintendo games are typically between 11 and 19. This is not outgrowing nintendo. It's a feeling of inadequacy with your own maturity. At that age range you wanna do anything to make you seem more adult. this means no longer playing games for the fun of it.

It means, "My games can't be colorful, they must include guns and they must include over the top gore. Because that's what adults play, right?"

Meanwhile I am 30, all my 30 year old friends play nintendo games and love them. Once you get past the hump of not being sure you're mature or not and just play good games, regardless of who makes them. You'll realize you weren't ignoring nintendo games because you outgrew them, you ignored nintendo games because you were afraid someone would judge you immature for playing them. It's a symptom of puberty and has a presence that's more than evident on n4g.

hellzsupernova1928d ago

I'm well past 17

I had the original gameboy, it was great. Nintendo had nothing for me now.

Chrischi19881927d ago

So you simply dont like their games. ok, but whats up with this outgrown?

hellzsupernova1927d ago

I use to enjoy Nintendo as a child as time passed I grew older my tastes went from pokemon to uncharted and the last of us and heavy rain and metal gear solid that's what I mean

Shnazzyone1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Gameboy + pokemon as earliest gaming memory... roughly born in 1994. He's probably about 20 and hasn't quite figured himself out yet. My theory stands.

Also that comment perfectly illustrates the mindset too. note: "I grew older" then lists off violent movieesque games that are M rated. I should write a paper on this.

"Phenomena of adolescents gravitating to M rated games explained"

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chrissx1928d ago

I still enjoy mario games till this day. Looking forward to zelda wiiu and metroid ninty

klecser1928d ago

I've outgrown Microsoft and Sony. I'm sorry, but blood, gore, shooting guns and over-sexualized mysogynistic pseudo-women no longer appeal to me as a working male. I don't like sports games or car racing games. What's left?

People are quick to knock Nintendo and act like Sony and Microsoft are the "adult" systems. But all I see are games that appeal to 17 year olds. If you're 17, great. If you're older, don't act like Xbox and PS offer more "mature" content than Nintendo. Its completely immature.

That'll ruffle a few feathers here, but gamers have never been interested in looking at their hobbies honestly.

FanMan1928d ago

Oh please, you act like Sony and Microsoft do not cater to young ages at all. Last time I checked, there has been a good amount of games aimed at younger generations that are exclusive to both Microsoft or Sony. That's why I prefer them over Nintendo. I get a good range of games that I cant from Nintendo. Nintendo generally sticks to what it has done best and what it does best is colorful, kid friendly platformers.

Phil321928d ago

There are great alternatives from Sony and Microsoft to Nintendo. It's just Nintendo has more IPs that are for everyone-- not just what you say "colorful, kid friendly platformers" either. They also have plenty of other series they do, such as Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Smash Bros., Pikmin, etc.

No91928d ago

Fanman, you're just as bad acting like Nintendo don't do other things besides 'platformers'.
Did you read the article?

FanMan1928d ago

@ no9
I did in fact read the article. I realize that Nintendo has more than platformers. However, Sony and Microsoft offer more than shooters even though some Nintendo fans claim that that this is not the case. Each side is greatly over exaggerated. I just personally believe that Sony has the most diverse exclusives.

No91928d ago

I'm with you on Sony being more diverse, but this isn't the point to this article, to totally over-look Nintendo and use the word 'outgrown' is the issue the author has.
I'm for owning all 3 systems, or at least a combo of Nintendo and either PS or XB.

FanMan1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I know it's not the point of the article. My response was to klecser and his statement that Sony and Microsoft are nothing more than shooting, gore and sex.

And I agree that owning a Nintendo console and at least an Xbox or PS will pretty much cover all genres quite well.

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Hicken1928d ago

So your comment is an intentionally gross, inaccurate generalization, and have the nerve to question someone else's maturity?

What's the difference between what you're doing, and others generalizing everything Nintendo as "kiddie" and "childish?"

You're not likely to find emotionally engaging titles like Journey on a Nintendo console. It's not just about the blood and gore, the guns and women; it's also about the stories and characters. And, frankly, you're just not as likely to get those that have more mature themes- actually mature THEMES, not content- on Nintendo hardware, especially from Nintendo developers.

But there's nothing wrong with that.

Nintendo's focus is very family-friendly overall. I don't have a problem with that. But I don't expect to run into a character like Kaim very often. There's a TWEWY every now and then, but those are few and far between.

That doesn't mean I don't enjoy what Nintendo has to offer, but what Nintendo has to offer doesn't cater to me as much as what I get elsewhere. I don't NOT enjoy their games, but I don't get the same enjoyment out of them that I used to when I was younger.

In other words: I've outgrown them.

It happens. Get over it.

That you would complain about others and then do the same is both immature and hypocritical.

PopRocks3591928d ago

"So your comment is an intentionally gross, inaccurate generalization, and have the nerve to question someone else's maturity?"

While I don't agree with his use of "Microsoft and Sony," being able to look at ultra popular M rated dudebro games like Gears of War, Bulletstorm and Call of Duty and saying "I've outgrown this" is completely appropriate.

"What's the difference between what you're doing, and others generalizing everything Nintendo as "kiddie" and "childish?"

You know it's funny how you will criticize one side but not the other.

"You're not likely to find emotionally engaging titles like Journey on a Nintendo console."

Except for Eternal Darkness, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. Those all have deep, emotional stories and they are all Nintendo exclusive.

"It happens. Get over it."

Given what your entire reply was about, don't you think this applies to you and this little rant of yours as well?

Hicken1928d ago

... that was kinda my whole point: that he was being hypocritical.

I don't mind people's personal preferences for one manufacturer or another. But it's extremely hypocritical to generalize MS and Sony's libraries as immature and something you can grow out of, but people can't do the same for Nintendo's franchises?

I'm not saying do either one. I'm saying it's hypocritical to call one side out and at the same time do the same damn thing.

Twisted-Trotty1927d ago

Very true, sometimes i feel we have forgotten what gaming is about(fun). Its sometimes interesting to see how realistic a game can be but for a adult who drives on a daily basis, a realistic racer loses its appeal. Nintendo make fictionous titles that take us away from reality that are fun. Gta 5 is a good game but sometimes i feel its probaly more fun for an immature audience who arent actually old enough to play it, the gore and swearing having a large appeal to them. As we get older and mature we play games as an escape from reality, its not always fun to play realistic games.

NiteX1928d ago

I've always loved Nintendo, and I hope I will continue to. I will admit Nintendo lost me a bit with the Wii, but I'm really liking where the Wii U is headed. I just hope to see a new Star Fox, F-Zero, Wave Rave ect. But if they give up on games like that, I most likely will just end up sticking with PC.