USGamer- Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ Review

USG:Pac-Man is one of those titles that still plays well today despite the fact it originally came out in 1980. That doesn't mean that it's perfect, however, nor does it mean that people have been happy to leave it alone since that time. Indeed, the Wikipedia entry listing all the Pac-Man games throughout history includes no fewer than 51 games (not including compilations) that either focus on or feature Pac-Man and/or his family at one point or another -- though many of these games radically deviated from the original formula of eating all the dots in a maze while avoiding the unwanted attentions of four ghosts.

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hankmoody1838d ago

The game is great but there's an issue with saves being corrupted, at least on my end. It's happened to me twice already when the game uploads the scores to the leaderboards where it just locks up.

1838d ago