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"Beyond: Two Souls is the latest game from the creative mind of David Cage. His previous game called Heavy Rain was critically acclaimed thanks to its excellent storyline and unique gameplay. Beyond: Two Souls is similar to Heavy Rain in a lot of ways, although it adds elements of its own too to make the experience different." - JPS

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Mad Aizen1835d ago

"Beyond: Two Souls is similar to Heavy Rain in a lot of ways, although it adds elements of its own too to make the experience different."

...and that's why I'm buying it. :)

WeAreLegion1835d ago

And the user score has gone down since this morning...with fanboys throwing 0's at it. -_- I hate that Metacritic doesn't monitor the user ratings.

agentxk1835d ago

If Heavy Rain is Cage’s Raging Bull, then Beyond: Two Souls is easily his Casino.

DazeLokrotan1835d ago

and his next game will be his Taxi Driver

Rushing_Punch1835d ago

I bet Cage starts recycling his actors

Blacktric1835d ago

Did you two actually compared David Cage games to two of the best movies ever made?

Jesus christ...

Sketchy_Galore1835d ago

As a Scorsese fan I cannot let that go. In terms of narrative, characterisation and aesthetics Heavy rain was far closer to an episode of NCIS than Raging bull, same goes for Indigo prophecy. I love what Cage is trying to do with gaming as a medium but artistically his work is hokey and clichėd as all hell. Po-faced seriousness, rainy windows and cello music does not automatically make something mature. Until people stop letting Cage get away with this thirteen year old's idea of what 'grown up storytelling' is we're not going to see the great work he is capable of.

Now click disagree and downvote me because it kinda sorta seems like maybe I was saying something bad about the Playstation and let's just keep this artistically stunted medium where it is. Where we take our exploding helicopters and cheesy one dimensional characters with a side of cello music because we're mature and growned up.

FamilyGuy1835d ago

No, it's a fair assessment and mimics some of the more valid criticisms about this game and Heavy Rain. It's a very blunt and forced way of telling a story. I'd appreciate some improvements and actual constructive criticism might help him get better.

FullmetalRoyale1835d ago

"As a Scorsese fan I cannot let that go."

Uh-oh. The king can't let it go!

*overly dramatic eyeroll*

Sketchy_Galore1835d ago

What the hell does the fact that I am royalty have to do with anything?

SynestheticRoar1835d ago

I'm playing the game, and I love it. All the haters out there can lick it, suck it, and swallow it down.