The Division's second-screen experience will be "really meaningful"

The second-screen experience for upcoming next-generation Tom Clancy game The Division will be "really meaningful," Massive Entertainment game director Ryan Bernard has said.

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Software_Lover1835d ago

The only game that has wowed me visually on the next gen consoles............... I just hope the footage thus far is running on an actual console and not pc.

I have a pc that could run it, but it would be great if it were that good looking on consoles also.

Roccetarius1835d ago

Chances are very likely, that they've shown it playing on PC instead.

Anyways, i hope they don't replace traditional menu options, because of the ''second screen'' experience.

denawayne1835d ago

I'm just glad I won't have to spend $200 for that second screen.

Evilsnuggle1835d ago

This is the game im most looking forward to most next GEN.