Will the handhelds take over the gaming market?

Psp Blogger reports:
''As we all know, the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS are currently ruling the charts. The big question however is why.

Most gamers will jump up at this point and shout "It's the price and portability factor you noob!" We do agree that portability does play a big role but we have to disagree on the price part. In most countries the PSP is actually more expensive than the Xbox 360. Yeah we know the Xbox 360 is pretty unstable (we just had too) but still the console provides much more than the PSP besides the portability.

Hey but wait, the Xbox 360 arcade edition is the only version that's cheaper than the PSP correct?''

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eagle213835d ago

Not only are they convenient ways to play, they keep the "old school style" of simple gaming popular.

The handheld videogame market is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2010. And only two major players currently to share all that loot. :)

Harry1903835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

but i guess it appeals to some and not others.Personally,i think both dominant handhelds are cool.Both have great games.

BLUR1113835d ago

psp is the only handheld i can get into , well guess cause im in my 20's and not a litte kid playen a ds

Harry1903835d ago

handhelds are pretty good.They both have their pros and cons,but it's sure fun to play with them.Now,if you could have both,it would be even better.

Harry1903835d ago

''A employee from a local game store booked in a client’s new 40Gb PS3 for replacement due to the fact that it had problems playing PS2 games (yeah, read that sentence again).''


Harry1903835d ago

handhelds that will be so powerful that they might outshine home consoles.But this might be a very very long off.

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The story is too old to be commented.