My Xbox One hands-on experience

Sam Hewitt of Level Complete managed to get hands-on with the Xbox One at Eurogamer 2013. Here are his thoughts on the games he played.

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konnerbllb1888d ago

I've read this article before in the past.. It's either old or a repost.

RexFury1888d ago

Actually it is not. I only finished writing it today. Must have been another website.

gaelic_laoch1888d ago ShowReplies(6)
SegaSaturn6691888d ago

I will sum this article up with a quote:

"Me and Mark was continuously laughing at the rage that was happening on the screen."

He says he had fun but nothing stood out for him and that forza was rubbish and he remains on the fence about buying a next-gen console.

JOLLY11888d ago

So you didn't actually read the article?

4Sh0w1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

No he didnt, thats why I qouted above the authors summary on each game.

Sitdown1888d ago

Please quote where he said Forza was rubbish...

RexFury1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Maybe I could have elaborated more on this. The reason KI was a lot more fun was because we were both on the console at the same time next to eachother. This very rarely happens nowadays, it is usually done over a network or whatnot. The game was fun, but I can get just as much fun, if not more, out of playing games that are on current generation consoles.

As for Forza, I didn't say it was rubbish. I said I didn't like racing games so I was more interested in the Xbox One controller with its pulse triggers.

I personally don't want to spend that sort of money on games that never blew me away. I will wait for the price to come down and see what happens within the first few months.

BigShotSmoov0071888d ago

I just finished paying off my X1 with Battlefield, Ryse & Dead Rising. Plus, i'll download KI so I'm ready for the next gen to come already. The 22nd can't come soon enough.

Regis1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I got DR3, Ryse, Destiny, WD, AC4 and got the season pass, BF4 and got Premium, Titanfall, and saved money for TC The Division, Sunset Overdrive, and possibly Halo5, I got to see another trailer or gameplay first.

I'm ready to shut myself away for a while

XB1_PS41888d ago

Jesus Christ that's a lot. I got Forza and DR3. I'm waiting until after launch to see if Ryse is worth it.

Themba761888d ago

just finished paying off my PS4 with bf4 watchdogs and killzone shadowfall the 15'th can't come soon enough.

Regis1888d ago

I need more money before I can do that but yeah see you on the flipside

2cents1888d ago


DR3, Ryse, KI for me for now, but im gonna go for the digital versions so I can do all the hot swapping of everything without being tied down to a disc.

I think the only disc based games i'll buy now are pre-owned bargain bin stuff and ultra cool limited edition games that come with wicked stuff.

fractured741888d ago

I just finished paying mine off with forza fifa and bf4,still trying to get through loads of backlog so i wish i could slow time before 22nd.

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