Are Galaxy-Themed Stages And Rosalina Coming To Super Mario 3D World?

Several websites have begun to point out that a small section of the official Super Mario 3D World artwork (pictured above) contains a rendering of Rosalina’s ship, the Comet Observatory, from Super Mario Galaxy. This has lead to speculation that either Rosalina, or one or two Super Mario Galaxy-themed stages, or both, will be featured in Nintendo’s latest 3D Mario adventure title on Wii U.

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deafdani1889d ago

It could be a throwback, like Mario Galaxy 2 did with that Mario 64 level. Although the Galaxy series are, of course, much fresher in our minds than any N64 game, so who knows... it could also be a important part of the game. :/

I, for one, wouldn't mind to see Rosalina returning. :)

PopRocks3591889d ago

I wouldn't mind a Sunshine throwback stage that allows use of FLUDD either. Heck, any throwback stages that take inspiration from any of Mario's previous 3D ventures would be welcome in my back.

_QQ_1889d ago

would be really cool.

PSWiiKing1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I rather have Super Mario Galaxy HD Collection with Off-TV Play, than Galaxy Themed Levels.

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