Eminem’s video for “Survival” is just a commercial for Call of Duty

Eminem has shared the video for “Survival”, his contribution to the soundtrack for Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Or, should we say, here’s a new commercial for Call Of Duty: Ghosts

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cl19831837d ago

Video warning NSFW language

xHeavYx1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

You don't say meme warning (just kidding)

The_Con-Sept1837d ago

Two things I don't care about suddenly joining together equals one huge do t give a f.

Mad Aizen1837d ago

I love rap and respect the hell out of Emenim. Both suffered a bit today after watching this.... smh.

4Sh0w1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Eminem expect to be hated and down the talked on n4g because you made this vid with COD Ghosts instead of BF4. Fortunately in the real world none of it will matter, you will still be respected and COD Ghosts will outsell BF4 as usual because more gamers prefer fun over graphics.

minimur121837d ago

@ Mad Aizen
I love rap and respect the hell out of Emenim. Both suffered a bit today after watching this.... smh.

Eminem is making a cameo on Ghosts, playing a certain character. hasn't been said yet however

The_Con-Sept1836d ago

@4Show. Battlefield 4? Look at my profile homie. Both trophies and on here. I'm no battlefield PC prop. I'm a gamer who knows what to play next.

4Sh0w1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Whatever Concept bro, if you are BF fan and know that you dont like Em or COD why are you here? Oh thats right cause that's what haters do they follow others just to talk crap which they think somehow makes them "cooler". Grow up.

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CaptainFaisal1837d ago

Call Of Duty or not this song is amazing!

Back-to-Back1837d ago

Eminem is about the only thing cod gets right.

DoctorJones1836d ago

Eminem isn't as great as he used to be, but he's still far better than Ice Cube. Ice Cube hasn't been any good since the early nineties. He was great up until Lethal Injection, then swiftly fell off.

He's still a good rapper, but his edge was lost a long time ago.

6yo1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )


Leio1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

And not a single f*ck was given that day :)

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iamnsuperman1837d ago

Well that was a bit of a crappy sell out. I say crappy as you can't really tell it is COD except for the logo appearing occasionally. If your going to advertise a game with your music video then do it properly and go full game footage. I couldn't tell what I was seeing in the background

FPSRUSSIA1837d ago

it has a lot of gameplay behind Eminem and the masks and the spray paint in the beginning.

Funantic11837d ago

If he had anymore of the gameplay in his video it wouldn't be an Eminem video, it would be the COD trailer. Dude stop nitpicking cause you're not a music director.

matrixman921837d ago

i am usually a huge fan of eminem, but I had to turn this off within the first minute. Its him rapping with quick scope montages projected behind

LoveOfTheGame1837d ago

Video was terrible.

The song though was actually really good, gives me that same feel as Till I collapse.

Omegasyde1837d ago

I agree song is good. Video blows.

@matrix I hate quick scopers with a passion.

MidnytRain1837d ago

Those motivational fight songs are some of Eminem's best. The CoD footage in the background made it annoying.

Zeniix1837d ago

wtf are you watching, there is no quick scope clips going of in the bg lol, also I don´t see the hate of Eminem doing this,

first of all he makes less money then be4 with making songs so why cry when he tries to be commercial with a music video.

Back-to-Back1837d ago

Turn on the song and open another tab. Problem solved.

GrandpaSnake1837d ago

This is why COD will and always sell millions, whoever does the marketing and promoting is really good. I wish metal gear did this im tired of COD, really tired of cod!

Feralkitsune1837d ago

Do you really want the same people who, you know what... nevermind.

Chapter111837d ago

Can't wait to see all the reviewers who gave Beyond low scores because of bad writing lather Ghosts in a tongue bath and hand it 9's and 10's. Game journalism is a joke.

iamnsuperman1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

No matter how off topic your comment is I must answer this. Story design must be the same as to how the game plays. Take Call of Duty which is often likened to an action flick. The story isn't deep which doesn't matter as not every story needs to be deep, just as long as the game reflect that. They have massive set pieces which drive the story forward. The plot is just there for some logical structure (if they fail on this last point the game falls apart). It isn't dialogue heavy as it was designed that way

It is always a big risk going for a more meaningful story/story focus. Beyond is (or I assume will be as I have not played it yet) a very dialogue driven game and such needs to have a set story strucute that works (character and story development, setting, fluid dialogue, brilliant acting.....) which sells the story that was made

4Sh0w1836d ago

You are correct. I often see this misunderstanding usually when some fan doesnt like the review of a game he hasnt played yet. I always wonder why the simple concept that you don't review a fps games story like you would a story driven game or you dont review an arcade, indie game, like a AAA blockbuster, or do people really think a indie game should lose points for 2d graphics? No, you grade games on whether or not it measures up to other great games within the genre, surpass them, or on rare occasions stands on its own in a particular category.