Sony’s Chris Ashimine Not Sure if Next Naughty Dog Game will be Uncharted, but it Will be on PS4

Sony Japan Studio’s Chris Ashimine worked as Localization Producer for the whole Uncharted Series,and recently he talked about the future of Naughty Dog.

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Abash1835d ago

Even if he knows it's Uncharted 4, he'd give the same answer

xHeavYx1835d ago

I think he is hinting that they have more than 1 project on the works

OrangePowerz1835d ago

They will have as they have the team that made Uncharted 3 and the one that made TLoU.

blitz06231835d ago

And this is news because we ALL expected ND's next game will be on the PS3 *rolls eyes*

Game4life1835d ago

we can hope but then it may be smaller projects then.

Pintheshadows1835d ago

@Game4Life. Naughty Dog has 2 full size teams so I doubt it. One made Uncharted 3, the other made The Last of Us. They can handle two projects, no problem at all.

pyramidshead1835d ago

Honestly wouldn't mind if they gave it a break. They need to come up with a nice sorry and a mystical item to traverse a forgotten city to get.

Can't wait though, at least we know there's whispers that it will definitely be next gen.

Caleb_H1835d ago

Nah, he's just reassuring us that they are working on something for the ps4. No matter what it is it better be good, it's not going to be easy to follow up TLOU.

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LackTrue4K1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

If they make a part 2 too TLoU, what would it be named?!

Lol, "The Last of Us Again"


Campy da Camper1835d ago

It would be called, "The Second to the Last of Us".

Dirtnapstor1835d ago

Two teams, one for: Uncharted 4 and the other for: All That Remains...Ellie is grown up and leads a faction apposing the Fireflies...

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OrangePowerz1835d ago

I would like a next gen Uncharted game. Naughty Dog got great performance out of the PS3 and I can`t imagine what they would do with the PS4 hardware.

ape0071835d ago

the desert sections in uc3 looks almost nextgen

Riderz13371835d ago

What about when you enter the Atlantis of the Sands? Man that was a breathtaking scene. My jaw dropped!

GarrusVakarian1835d ago

Recently completed UC3 and i have to agree, when you come to the top of the sand dune and see the abandoned city in front of you i was gob-smacked.

WeAreLegion1835d ago

Agreed. AND those enemies at the end of Uncharted 3. I don't want to give it away, but WOW.

LackTrue4K1835d ago

I got crazy goose bumps in UC2, when I started on climbing the gold dagger....right when the light hit it @ the right angle!!

"WTF!!!! That 5hit is gold!!!!"

It liked beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

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ape0071835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

i just cannot imagine how mindblowing uncharted 4 ps4 is going to be

ND imo are masters at pacing

matrixman921835d ago

nooooo, im thinking it will be an xbone exclusive /s

hollabox1835d ago

As much as I would love Uncharted 4, I think Naughty Dog should take the opportunity to start a new franchise and release Uncharted 4 in 2015. What I think they should do is release PS4 version of The Last of Us with 4K textures, and 1080P at 60.

Riderz13371835d ago

I'd rather they put all their efforts in either a brand new IP or Uncharted 4.

SeanScythe1835d ago

Loved the last of us but I don't think it would need to be redone. The game was beautiful and worked perfectly. It's not like GTA5 with wide open areas that could benefit from the next-gen updates.

hollabox1835d ago

Allot spots had some pretty nasty slowdown, blurry textures in some levels, hi res in other. I think the experience would have been better without so much slow down especially when flames and particle effects on screen. I don't know if the performance has been patched or not, traded in for God of War Ascension. I can recall reading in interviews Naughty Dogs informed they created 4K textures downscaled to 1/2K for the PS3 memory. Since 4K textures were already created, spend 4 months converting RISC code to X86/64 code with original textures.

SeanScythe1835d ago

If they can spend a few months to make it I think they should, but I'd rather something new because I wouldn't re-buy the game since I've played the game so many times. To say you swapped the game because of blurry textures is just sad. The game was awesome and graphics looked great for a game this late in the generation. No one really has a 4K tv and those that do are not going to be worth spending money to port the game over. My game never had slow downs so I'm not sure what you are talking about. It ran smooth and only locked up once during the escape with the hunters truck on the bridge. Sounds like you didn't care for the game or had a bugged disk.

hollabox1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Not sad, beat the SP, MP didn't seem like anything special so I got my $37 before the value dropped and actually picked up two games, God of War, and the latest Naruto game I haven't really played yet. But yeah during large fights and my use of the flame thrower and firebombs it got choppy.

At the time I had TLOU frame rate issues was well known, I don't think I have to post links,a simple frame rate search will get you a lot of hits. If they do come out with a PS4 version sign me up. TLOU wouldn't be the first time I've purchased HD/DC/RM version of a game for better audio/visual experience, new single player content would be nice as well.

SeanScythe1835d ago

Got it the way you made it sound was you traded it in because of the issues you reported and didn't bother playing it. Again I never noticed any issues with the frame rate besides blowing up a large group of infected or hunters at once. This will be a game I hold on to and never trade in, just like my old nintendo games that I want to share with my kids one day. I want them to grow up trying games that I played as they get older. This game being mature I'll have a while to wait though lol.

hollabox1835d ago

Nah as mentioned before traded it in because I beat it already and MP didn't tickle my fancy. I don't know what you consider smooth but upper teens, low 20 FPS is not exactly smooth when the action gets busy. But again don't know if Naughty released a performance patch. Any who time for me go home, long day at work, peace out.

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