Who the Hell Is David Cage?

Human culture at large doesn’t care about David Cage enough to criticize him. Most gamers don’t care enough about Cage to criticize him. And I didn’t even know the poor bastard’s name until I saw the critics’ bile. Why do some game journalists insist on publicizing the name of someone they don’t seem to like or respect? I’m afraid the answer is beyond me.

- Jed Pressgrove, Fate of the Game

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DING! What is a movie director??

LOGICWINS1861d ago

DING! What is a middle aged hipster???

fsfsxii1861d ago

Yet, this guy creates outstanding games, gets called a hipster, isn't this what gamers been asking for?? creativity in their games?


I dont personally like quick time events, but thats me and im a gamer (i think i am categorized as one, but to be fair who knows anymore?)

Section81858d ago

I've been "following" your comments for a few weeks now and I've come to the conclusion that you're a complete moron. You're dinging this guy because you think he's a middle aged hipster and not on his ability as a game creator? Your stupidity know no bounds. Keep up the good work because you've kept me entertained for the last few weeks.

DOMination-1861d ago

David Cage has some interesting ideas but for somebody who blabbers on and on about emotion and story, he really can't write (or hire someone who can write) a good engaging plot for his own games.

Also, I don't know if it's like it in Beyond as I haven't played (can someone confirm?) but I HATE the way he was so pretentious about how camera angles should work in both Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit. Seriously, they were crap - just stick with right analogue stick like everybody else.

WeAreLegion1861d ago

You didn't mean any of that. That's what I'd like to assume, anyway.

Section81858d ago

Play his games and then you can give an opinion. Don't make a statement just because everyone else is. There's nothing wrong with the writing in this game or any Heavy Rain.

kidhero991861d ago

a lot of these reviewers have been making fun of the game way before the embargo. all from "we need emotions" to "feelings", very evident yet silent jabs even from that joystiq guy - “We’ve hired real Hollywood composers to ensure that there is a piano playing during the sad goodbye scenes.”

their agenda seems to be that they just hate cage and his statements, and have judged the game on that basis. they played the game not to experience it, but to find every flaw they can find to solidify and justify their perception of him. these reviewers give a lot of negative reviews, but they don't make fun of the games before embargo lifts with such specificity and worse, they are making fun of the game by straight-out inferring to cage's statements. that's how anyone can tell that these reviewers had an agenda going into this game.

and the amount of hypocrisy is just astounding.

Donnieboi1861d ago

Now there's an agenda? Maybe they just don't like the movie-to-gameplay ratio found in Cage's games. They are entitled to their own opinions, and are letting us know if they think it is worth a $60 purchase. Yeah people compare Beyond to the Walking Dead games from TellTale, but that game was only $20, had a well written story, and the choices you made gave you reason to replay it. But according to reviews (both positive and negative), they state that Beyond: Two Souls offers NONE of those things that made comparable Walking Dead games good. And it's $60. Doesn't mean that these reviewers are right, but if some of them say that the plot is weak, and QTE-fest, with little reason to replay, then I am going to factor that in. It's not a conspiracy--David Cage might be happier as a cinematic director for games and movies, rather than a gamePLAY designer or plot writer. But that's just an opinion. No conspiracy against Cage needed.

Section81858d ago

If they don't like his games then then can't have an opinion because they don't play them. They can go back to being single minded and only play one or two types of games.

WeAreLegion1861d ago

The bad part of mixing games and movies is that games reviewers decide to become film reviewers...who are even more pretentious and self-important than game reviewers.

David Cage is brilliant.

miyamoto1861d ago

We really enjoyed the demo. Everyone including the non gamers in the house were hooked.

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