Ballmer: Vista is a "work in progress"

Steve Ballmer recently confirmed what much of the rest of the world is saying: Vista still needs work. He admitted in a speech at Microsoft's 's Most Valuable Professionals conference in Seattle that Vista remains a "work in progress."

Here's an excerpt from the speech, according to Todd Bishop's Microsoft Blog for the Seattle Post Intelligence:

"Windows Vista: A work in progress. [Laughter, applause.] A very important piece of work, and I think we did a lot of things right, and I think we have a lot of things we need to learn from. Certainly, you never want to let five years go between releases."

Ballmer also hints that Vista is more bloated than it should be:

"We had some things that we can't just set the dial back, but I think people wish we could. Vista is bigger than XP. It's going to stay bigger than XP. We have to make sure it doesn't get bigger still, and that the performance and that the battery life and that the compatibility, we're driving on the things that we need to drive hard to improve."

Beyond that, though, Ballmer wouldn't go. And as for what Microsoft is doing about that "work in progress," he's mum as well. But don't expect any major changes to Vista; Microsoft is pouring its resources into Windows 7.

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GutZ313886d ago

Ballmer needs therapy.
I wish to take Bill Gates' place as head chairman of Microsoft, then I plain to make a 360 that doesn't break if left on over night, and will out last the NES.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

...The xBox 360 still needs work!!! ;-D

+Good1!;-D 'avacadosnorkel' ;)


The understatement of the year....

power of Green 3886d ago

Man these stupid ass Sony fanbot contributors need to do a better job finding dirt to counter all the news this week.. lol

dirtrider3886d ago

but seems like vista is a joke and as far as the 360s reliability its a joke as well. i own both ill give u both my live name and my psn id. but ive had 3 360s fail, and last week my g/fs red ringed and it took them a week just to get the box to her. microsoft done a lot right this generation but one thing and its the most important- make a reliable console.they seemed not to be able to do this this time around. peace live name demented spirit psn id dirtrider 2178

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The story is too old to be commented.