Dungeon Defenders 2 Rebooted; No Longer a MOBA

A post by the new Studio Director of Trendy Entertainment, the minds behind Dungeon Defenders, states that the sequel to the indie hit is getting a complete reboot to what it was originally meant to be and will focus more on being a “true sequel” to the original game.

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3-4-51889d ago

Dungeon Defenders was awesome. One of the coolest looking most fun to play games I've played this gen.

I'm glad that are keeping the idea of the original game.

PvP can be cool, I hope it's still in, but just let us use these 20-25 characters in the normal game and that alone would add 100+ hours of fun.

thejigisup1889d ago

Fantastic, I don't mind the pvp aspect but I love classic dungeon defenders and honestly probably more excited for this game than many others right now.

FamilyGuy1889d ago

Why isn't the trailer posted here?

Moba - Multiplayer online battle arena
Had to look that up, yeah, good idea changing it back.

Alexious1889d ago

As an anti-MOBA gamer, I fully support the decision.

Festano1889d ago

It looks like a good solution. I hope you are able to implement these ideas.

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