Will Beyond Two Souls go Beyond the boundaries of video games? Reviews say otherwise…

Beyond Two Souls review embargo was just lifted. It received a very mixed set of reviews with scores ranging from 4/10 to 10/10. Why is it receiving such a polarizing opinion? Should this even matter how much it scores on some fixed scale? In Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO’s own words “Play and discuss it! Worth a 5/10 or 10/10?”.

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GarrusVakarian1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

To hell with the reviews, from the demo and the footage ive seen on YouTube, i know with all certainty that i will love this game.

As i said before, its an acquired taste.

AngelicIceDiamond1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

@Lukas it is an acquired taste.

To me it seems like some reviewers don't want to like it because its not a traditional game. Which is funny because they can't bash the graphics, acting, characters and the overall presentation a.

I mean honestly they reviewed Heavy rain you would think they'd be prepared to review a game with a similar cinematic and gameplay concept.

At the end of the day, if you like David Cage's game you will like his work.

ginsunuva1931d ago

Exactly, who cares if it's not a "traditional game."

As long as it's quality entertainment, I don't see the problem.

We're paying to be entertained, so it doesn't really matter how that entertainment is delivered.

Xsilver1931d ago

"The bottom line here is: If you loved Quantic Dream’s previous work like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain and managed to like the Demo, forget the review scores, just go and buy the game. Don't let the opinion of others distract you."

that all i needed to hear.

JsonHenry1931d ago

I loved Indigo Prophecy! This game is sold!

Mr-Dude1931d ago

I don't care about reviews. The game is awesome but the point is that it's different and not everybody likes these games. Some people like the zombie brainless yearly shooters... and people with taste buy these games

admiralvic1931d ago

"Some people like the zombie brainless yearly shooters... and people with taste buy these games"

No need to be an ***hole and claim that you're better than anyone else. The thing some people (like you) need to understand, is that "taste" is a conceptual thing, which is going to be different from person to person.

It's not like you're a cultured gamer because you rather play .Detuned, Ico, SOTC, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Journey, nor do you become a uncultured gamer by playing Mario, Zelda, Disgaea, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto. In fact, you're probably going to see some GTA fans that loved some of those "cultured" games and vice versa. In the end, people deserve to have a choice and don't deserve to have their choice pissed on because you or anyone else thinks it's low class in comparison to other games.

Mr-Dude1931d ago

I don;t feel better than anybody else, maybe you need to check on yourself before calling other people an ***hole. That's my point of view dude..

_QQ_1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

"Some people like the zombie brainless yearly shooters... and people with taste buy these games"

you realize the main criticism for this game from the negative reviews is that other than ellen paige the acting sucks. The timeline jumble is a failed pulp fiction attempt, along with the fact that the game focuses more on hollywood theatrics over a meaningful story... so why don't you take your so called "refined taste" and shove it up high because from what reviews say this would be a C movie, B movie at best. This game is pretty much trying to be a movie so let it be judged like a movie. saying you have taste because you play these games is like saying you are highclass because you drink walmart Wine.

Mr-Dude1931d ago

Clearly people feel like they are dirty peasants or something... Or feel offendend. If that is the case, then my apologies... Jesus...

LoveOfTheGame1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Look at Mr. High and Mighty here. He's got more taste than any of us peasants of gaming do.

We should clearly bow down to his opinion as we would be much better off to listen to someone who has class.

Your statement might be the most asinine and ignorant thing I have read on this site, and that's even with Kotaku still showing up on here.

Edit: Saw your apology, Kinda lol, I don't think any of us were offended, but if the others are like me they just don't like people thinking they are better than others for their "taste"; clothes, movies, games, etc. If you didn't mean to put yourself above others then I apologize for our statements.

admiralvic1931d ago

I don't see why so many feel a need to address this in the first place. It was a given from the start that this game would not appeal to everyone (perhaps even most people) and this is exactly what we're seeing. Everything from the demo, impressions, reviews, comments pointed to this exact thing happening, which makes me wonder why it needs to be addressed.

In the end, Beyond can push the boundaries and get nothing, but 1/10's, since praise and pushing the boundaries do not go hand and hand. In fact, the low scores seem to support this, as change is usually met with resistance and many people apply what they want in a game against it. Like I am willing to bet more of the low scores are about it not being a type of game they wanted, than the game being buggy, controls being dreadful (though I didn't care for them in the demo) and the story being terrible.

SeraphimBlade1931d ago

I wasn't expecting anything mind-blowing or industry-changing. All I know is Quantic's games tend to be up my alley, once you get through the pretentiousness.

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