Metal Gear Solid V development photos by Kojima

It's time for some Metal Gear Solid V behind the scenes photos again. Kojima has posted pictures of the motion capture sessions going on right now.

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Cherchez La Ghost1839d ago

There are some heavy hitters coming in Next-Gen! The holidays are going to be lovely!!! LOL!! Anyone has a link with some good info about The Phantom Pain?

3-4-51839d ago

This game looks real.

It's the one next gen game that makes me realize the power that is within the PS4.

GarrusVakarian1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

This has kind of gone off my radar lately but every time i see an article on it remember how gob smacked i was by the E3 (i think) footage.

I need to buy the legacy collection before i play this one. Ive never played a MGS but ive watched friends complete them so im kind of a second hand fan and i read up on the history of the series so i somewhat have a grasp on what its about.

Nyxus1839d ago

The Legacy Collection is a great deal if you're new to the series. All the main games in HD, plus some nice extras.

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GrandpaSnake1839d ago