Why Education Needs to Embrace Videogames Instead of Fighting Them


"Imagine your government teacher eschewing the virtues of capitalism, and then, suddenly, he awakes you out of your daydreaming (to snag you, no doubt) with the words "Would you kindly answer the question?" What question, you ask yourself, and then déjà vu intercedes for save, and you not only recall the question, but begin to counter his point by espousing the dangers of capitalism; all thanks to your friend Ken Levine and 2K (a.k.a. Irrational Games). The relationship between the world of educators and students and video game developers and kids is one misunderstood by both parties. This misunderstanding arose because both parties seem ignorant of each other's similarities. So, instead of finding a common ground to create a symbiotic relationship, both parties appear to be the other's aggressor; so far from the truth, that not even Master Chief could shed effect change. As an English teacher and gamer, the connections, possibilities, and opportunities to tap into kids inherent passion for learning are right in front of me. I use my knowledge of video games to identify with kids' interests and then connect their own experiences, to a video game, then to piece of literature or writing form. Since I started taking advantage of games to teach, I have kids that actually do their homework, and care its quality."

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thegamereviews3859d ago

Insightful article, Utopian even, developers and teachers working is possible.

Erasmus3859d ago

Videogames sound like a great way to connect with students in this day and age, I wish I had teachers like that when i was in high school.