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Beyond: Two Souls is a fascinating experience that expertly links story and mechanics to further your connection to the world.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3520d ago

Doubt it's a 10 or even a 9. It'll be fun though. I'm predicting a 7.5 or an 8 on my own personal scale. Just waiting on U P "slow @$$" S.

Xsilver3520d ago

i stopped listening to ign after they kept giving COD straight 10's.

vishmarx3520d ago

i agree with ign for once.
GS seems to just love giving controvertial scores

sobotz3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

lol, when IGN give Tlou 10/10 you guys went crazy, and now you're saying you stopped listening to IGN when they give a bad score to this PS exclusive.

by the way, IGN is not the only famous site that give this game a bad "okay" score.

CVG: 6/10
Destructoid: 6/10
EDGE: 5/10
Joystiq: 5/10
Videogamer: 4/10

If you're all saying those (so far) sites are losing its credibility, then maybe Tlou isn't that great like every these site said.

Jack_Of_All_Blades3520d ago

When I was reading her review on IGN all I could think of is Cartman booing Wendy in the last episode of South Park. So, boo! Boo Lucy O'Brien boo! Boo!

Xsilver3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

@Sobotz lol, when IGN give Tlou 10/10 you guys went crazy, and now you're saying you stopped listening to IGN when they give a bad score to this PS exclusive.
so you must a of seen a comment from me on TLOU review from IGN didn't know that i don't watch ign ok so calm your dumb assumptions down i stopped listening to IGN because of COD like i said so i don't get where your coming from anywho i will play beyond and make my own review of the game like i do with every game you seem like a person who wants Sony games to fail.

The more sony fanboys saying "I can't wait to play this on my PS4" made me wants the Xbox One even more...

knowing its games such as Titanfall and DR3 are most wanted that even for Sony fanboys that bashing Xbox One in every way.

Not like Killzone or Driveclub (especially Knack). I'll just play Halo and Forza that much superior in every way. #1.2.5
4d ago by sobotz | View comment

So you're an Xbox guy i see why you found yourself on a review of a PS3 game makes sense.

Chrono3520d ago

@sobotz Destructoid gave 5/10 not 6.

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DonFreezer3520d ago

Great review. I agree with everything they have said. Gamespot has been going great ever since they have stopped being biased and gave games like The Last Of Us what they deserved. Now we agree with gamespot ps trolls?

Black-Helghast3520d ago

Wow, Gamespot is one of those sites that don't give every PS3 exclusive a nice score.. they gave the game higher than The Last of Us. Great review, looks like this game is very worth it. Great job Quantic Dream.

Chapter113520d ago

The discrepancy between review scores is really weird. Destrucoid doesn't count because he's personally bias against David Cage, but some of these other scores shock me, like IGN.

Pozzle3520d ago

I can see why this sort of game wouldn't appeal to certain people, so I'm not too surprised by that.

Though some of the reeeeeally low scores (e.g. the 3/10 review) are disappointing. Those reviewers might not like the game, but it definitely doesn't look like a 3/10 game. :/

wishingW3L3520d ago

this isn't a game that is easy to review because just like a movie it depends only on your enjoyment of a narrative. Another thing is that Beyond has a very weird but interesting kind of story-telling, so it was obvious that some were going to like it and others hate it because it was not what they were expecting.

Why do you think games like Pokemon and COD always get good scores even though they all are simply more of the same over and over again?

majiebeast3520d ago

I think fans of Heavy Rain like me will love it. While people who hated Heavy Rain will hate it. Thats why you see the giant gap between the 2.

Some reviewers have stopped looking objectively at a game and just shove their opinion in your face without explanation why the game is getting 5,4 and even 3s.

wishingW3L3520d ago

the charm of Heavy Rain was in the fact that you could mold the story and make it your own. But in Beyond you might be able to change how an scene is played out a little bit but will still be the same outcome for everybody.

So you liking Heavy Rain doesn't mean you'll enjoy Beyond even though it has better acting, writing and graphics.

ufo8mycat3520d ago

This site is very inaccurate at times

It gave 'The Last Of Us' a 8.5? That game is a 10/10 easily and this a 9/10 - haven't played it yet, but expecting 9/10.

Very inconsistent.

sobotz3520d ago

Different people, different opinion. But you're saying you have NOT played it but you sure that this game will got 9/10?

SpiralTear3520d ago

"Inaccurate" implies that the review is "wrong," which is incorrect in and of itself. It's an opinion.

I will agree that the reviews never seem consistent on Gamespot. The reviewers don't follow much of a pattern, so it's difficult to know their specific tastes in games. One game like Rayman Legends is too difficult for them, another like Dark Souls is too easy. It's tough to relate when the preferences are scattered all over the place, even from a single staff member's reviews.

I heard that Gamespot is planning on introducing multiple reviews for bigger games, mostly to show multiple opinions, which I think is a good idea.

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