Getting a Move on The PlayStation Move: 5 Video Games Pitches To Get Motion Gaming Back On Track

Back during February’s PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony’s PS4 reveal had one segment of the show dedicated to the use of the PS Move for next-gen. This demonstration showed Media Molecule–the creators of LittleBigPlanet–sculpting amazingly detailed digital works of arts and performing advanced puppet shows and concerts with the Move. Riding this wave, I half-expected Sony’s E3 conference to have some mention of it, and yet a whole week went by and I never heard a single peep. It may be that Sony is abandoning the Move and–pardon the pun–moving it from priority status to lowly passion project. Or, it could mean that they want a focused presentation that will continue to counter Microsoft’s every move–we all know a ten minute demo of the WonderBook was not going to do Sony any favors in the next-gen console wars. Does this mean the Move is completely dead? Or waiting for a renaissance?

With Nintendo’s Skyward Sword & Metroid Prime 3: Echoes, and Sony’s Sorcery, Sports Champions franchise, and Deadmund’s Moves in mind (arguably the best examples–technically speaking–of what motion controls can do), and perhaps even the idea of Sony’s HMD set (their PS4 console version of the Windows-based Oculus Rift) to make games even more immersive, I’m pitching five ideas for games that can get the Move moving off the shelves and into your homes.

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WeAreLegion3526d ago

I love Move. I hope to see it more in the coming generation. Sports Champions 3, please! Also, a new Buzz would be great!

brianunfried3526d ago

More rail shooters. I can't get enough of House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut, the most fun I've had with the Move Sharpshooter.

titans99993526d ago

Motion gaming sucks! Let it go already!

WeAreLegion3526d ago

You should try Killzone 3 with the sharpshooter. Completely different experience.

brianunfried3526d ago

Killzone 3 with the Sharpshooter and 3D TV, might give you P.T.S.D.

WeAreLegion3526d ago

Agreed. The 3D on that game is insane! The MAWLER battle was so good!!!

SonyStyled3526d ago

i like the move. although i havent used it in a while. could go for a good move game pretty soon. maybe ill explore my options. suggestions anyone?