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"Beyond Two Souls is created by Quantic Dreams the team behind the huge hit Heavy Rain. Below you will find the full video review for Beyond: Two Souls by DLB-Network."

Beyond: Two Souls - "Quantic Dreams Have Done It Again" - 9.5/10

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mewhy322021d ago

This TRUE exclusive is a master piece of story telling. I can't wait to see what they do on PS4.

clewis942021d ago

Completely agree, If you love great story in a game, you must pick this up.

us_army2021d ago

Definitely an amazing game that I recommend that everyone should add to their collection. This may be your last current gen purchase, but wow its a good one.

SAND-MAN2021d ago

Great review, good to see DLB doing them again

blumatt2021d ago

I've heard great things so far. I might rent it.

PS3SUPPORT2021d ago

Bro I was thinking the same thing. I have it pre-order at BEST BUY but I'm not sure if I should buy or rent

clewis942021d ago

I would defiantly buy it if you can afford it :).

PS3SUPPORT2021d ago

Awesome review. One of the best I have seen so far. Make sure you guys check out the video, very well done. This game looks and sounds awesome.

Will you be doing any walk thru videos.

clewis942021d ago

Beyond: Two Souls Walkthrough part 1/2 are out now -

BlindMango2021d ago

Very good review! Can't wait to play this game later today!

wicked2021d ago

In two minds now, with CVG giving it 6/10. I wait for more reviews i think.

WeAreLegion2021d ago

Don't wait. Even if you're on the fence, go get it. It is such a phenomenal experience.

cyberninja2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I don't go by reviews, i just get the game that interests me a then judge for myself. If I was going by reviews I'd miss out on many great games.

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