Intel: "I don't think GTA 5 will be a console exclusive for very long"

PCGamer - So I’m a bad PC gamer, I bought GTA 5 on an inferior platform. But all I’ve been able to think as I play through this mammoth slice of open-world gaming is just how amazing it’s going to look when we get it on the PC. The folk at Intel seem pretty positive about GTA 5’s chances coming our way. At the Intel Developer Forum, I sat down with Chris R. Silva, the Director of Marketing for Intel’s Premium Notebooks and inevitably our chat ended up on the subject of how damaging it could be for this former PC IP not to hit our gaming rigs.

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Community1861d ago
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GarrusVakarian1861d ago

Good, the more gamers experience this game the better.

MestreRothN4G1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Even the bad PC fanboys, like the article writer. That is IF they have the chance to play the masterpiece on PC someday outside Youtube.

You see... It seems so much piracy has its price...

vishmarx1861d ago

or the fact that you can never optimize a pc product as much as you want due to the variations
and only the high end cars end up playing the game comortably
the user base of which is significantly smaller than thr 160 million console userbase.
i would love a pc version though.
xbox ver already has mods on it(gta 4 car damge physics,replace chop with a shark lol) .just imagine the potential of the pc version

JsonHenry1861d ago

Lol, is this a surprise? Isn't just about every single GTA game ever been on the PC?

wtopez1861d ago


"Even the bad PC fanboys, like the article writer."

You mean the one that bought a console copy and will buy it again when it releases on PC? Yeah, bad PC fanboy indeed.

"That is IF they have the chance to play the masterpiece on PC someday outside Youtube."

I can't believe I never heard of this! You can play games THROUGH YouTube?

"You see... It seems so much piracy has its price..."

Ah yes. If there's a PC article, there's a piracy comment. Never mind that a big chunk of piracy comes from countries in which the pirated game is not even published. Or that used game sales (talk about a console exclusive)make $0 for the publisher or developer of the game, just like piracy.

jmc88881861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

You know nothing about piracy.

That's why you talk about piracy.

Only people who don't know what piracy is, talk about lost money and consequences of piracy.

So good of you to inform N4G of a topic you clearly don't understand.

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3-4-51861d ago

Once everyone moves to next gen, this game will survive on PC.

GryestOfBluSkies1861d ago

i dont know if anyone thinks its not coming to pc.

Dirkster_Dude1861d ago

They will make a PC version only if it makes economic sense and will only do it when it doesn't impact console sales. This could be a lot of people because a great many console gamers will have a PC that can run the game.

FlyingFoxy1861d ago

Well any good medium/high end graphics card from 2009 could run the game quite decently, so if this one is at least optimized a little bit then it could run even better than IV did.

jmc88881861d ago

You know nothing about economic sense, and that's why you are questioning it.

You have just informed N4G you have no clue about the economics of videogames, and especially the interplays between consoles and PC games.

fattyuk1861d ago


LIke anybody thought otherwise.

andrewer1861d ago

Obviously, R* is just playing hard to get lol

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The story is too old to be commented.