Battlefield 4: DICE Fighting Against Drivers and CPU Usage; Expects Improvements in Next Patch

The Battlefield 4 Beta Hasn’t been running in the smoothest of ways for many PC users, and the devs at EA DICE have been hard at work to solve or at least mitigate the issues, as Frostbite Technical Director Johan Andersson explained today.

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Neonridr2026d ago

one of the most annoying things for me getting to run properly is having the game stay in full screen mode. Whenever I first launch the game through the battlefield 4 webpage, the game never goes full screen, I always end up with a windowed screen. You would think it would be as easy as hitting Alt-Enter (Full screen toggle), but no. It ends up taking forever for me to get it set up right.

But it's a Beta so I cut them some slack.

windblowsagain2026d ago

Full screen needs to be selected in video options.

Works fine.

Neonridr2026d ago

believe me, it is set that way. Just an annoying feature that I have never experienced before. I am sure it's just me, but just something I have noticed with the Beta. Other than that, things have been pretty awesome with it.

jmc88882025d ago

Yeah I had some troubles getting it to go full screen. If you don't have it setup in the settings, it wigs out and won't do it.

I agree, it's a beta.

Coach_McGuirk2026d ago

Beta testing the game engine doesn't happen a few weeks before it hits retail. They had to have known of the poor performance in win7 and released it anyway. Doesn't sound good.

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Pandamobile2026d ago

Beta builds are generally months behind the release build in terms of stability and optimization. If you've ever been part of a real beta test, you would know this.

Feralkitsune2025d ago

Well, mine patched today and runs really well now. No idea what they did but it's much better.

Coach_McGuirk2025d ago

that's great news! Can't wait to try it when I get home.

cyclindk2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I want more, realistic destruction (not real, but realistic from a gameplay perspective).

Jeeps need to take damage where they are hit! Blow open the roof and sides, maybe the infantry inside survive maybe not, but they are exposed to fire.

Same for tanks and every other vehicle.

I want to see metal deformation and so on.

I want a jet ski or boat to sink if the bullets are hitting the bottom section enough for it to lose buoyancy.

I want to be able to jump on a tank and NOT automatically slide off and freaking cut open that hatch with a blow torch and drop a grenade inside. (I torch tanks all the time I just feel dumb doing it... blowing up a tank with a little hand torch)

Call of Duty 3 did it (more or less) and Titan Fall is doing stuff..


7sEvEn2024d ago

Call of Duty & Titanfall are more realistic? Haha!!
Yea I would also like for my Titan to tell me if he needs to take a wiss of oil/lubricant in game.. and in CoD Ghost, I want my dog to get scratches and bullet holes when he gets lid up!


cyclindk2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

.... way to take ONE mention of a couple games and blow the thing up like FOX freaking news genius...

Sooooooooo, a little blinding light into the side of a tank and then it exploding IS realistic?!

Those were the aspects I was addressing.

GHOST YOU FREAK?! I SAID COD 3 THREEE THREEE THREEE!!! A "PRE" modern warefare change-up game/launch title on PS3...

SITH2026d ago

The beta has been running mostly smooth for me on the PC. One big issue I had was a tank round to the cockpit of a helicopter did absolutely nothing. Even the guy I shot commented to me how he was not phased one bit. I know that will be fixed.

Feralkitsune2025d ago

Tank shells do 90% damage. That forces the heli to be disabled, but if they can get any kind of health, from a blowtorch, which is often the case in Transport helis the heli will auto heal.

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