Velocity 2X on PS4: Learning From Gamers Like You

Velocity 2X takes everything that worked in Velocity Ultra and applies it to a side-scrolling platformer. That’s right — in Velocity 2X you can get out of your ship to run around on foot. You can also teledash through obstacles and throw a personal teleporter to reach high ledges and solve puzzles.

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codelyoko3799d ago

Platformers will always have an edge in storytelling - and thus market :P


15 Best PlayStation Vita Games You Should Play

Despite being Sony's handheld that couldn't quite make it, there's no shortage of the best PlayStation Vita games.

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Fist4achin1956d ago

Great list! I'm still rocking my Vita.


Velocity 2X Finds Its Perfect Home On Nintendo Switch (TSA)

TSA writes: "Time is frozen for Lt. Kai Tana as she looks at her surroundings, travelling at a seemingly impossible velocity while navigating sharp corners and narrow tunnels with guile. She has to get home, and no one is going stop her, not even the nefarious General Glaive. The illusion is quickly shattered, as I crash into one of the nearby walls. Without a second thought, I press restart for the thirteenth time. This is Velocity 2X, and I have to get her home."

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shinoff21831957d ago

I enjoyed it on my ps4 probably just as much.


Velocity 2X (NS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "Switch owners who never attempted Velocity 2X on Vita or PS4: do yourself a favor and check it out, especially if you enjoy scrolling shooters and/or fast-paced platform action. While some of the storytelling is tonally out of sync or corny, and a few stages outstay their welcome, the majority of the game is fast, fluid, layered, varied, replayable, and attractive. Don't wait another four years to play one of the better indie game on the market."

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