Console Monster: UEFA EURO 2008 Review

Console Monsters writes: "2008. The year that no home-nations will get to play in the European Championship Finals in Austria and Switzerland. The long summer of watching the likes of Portugal, Germany and France compete to be the best in European football. Although England failed to qualify for the Finals, one good thing to come out of it was the FA's decision to terminate the contract of Steve McClaren. Now with this years Championships, just months away, EA have thrown another football game onto the market with UEFA Euro 2008 - and it's good.

UEFA Euro 2008 is practically FIFA with a few tweaks - extra modes and only European countries (obviously). Whilst the FIFA 08 game was catching up on the Pro Evolution Soccer series, UEFA Euro 2008 plays as enjoyable as FIFA 08 with a few tweaks to the passing and shooting system - the easy viewable strength meter above the players head for both the power when passing and shooting the ball. Whilst this is only a minor tweak to the game, it's very effective - especially when getting the perfect through-ball to your attacker. While everything's much the same, let's talk about some new features to be added to UEFA Euro 2008.

Firstly, Captain Your Country. It does exactly as the title says, but you have to start from the beginning - the B team..."

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