Is Next-Gen Gaming Bad for Gamers?

From "We're just a couple of weeks away from the final two next-gen systems, PlayStation 3 and Wii, making their appearance on store shelves. For many gamers, the wait so far has been nigh unbearable, and these last two weeks will prove even worse. But should we really be all that excited? With all the talk about "next-gen games," what has next-gen gaming gotten us so far? Before the launch of the Xbox 360, and even leading up to the launch of the PS3 and Wii, we were (and have been) promised the world. But a quick review of next-gen gaming so far shows that we've been handed not the world on a platter, but a small dirt clod on a paper plate. In fact, dare I say it, next-gen gaming might actually be bad for gamers."

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speed4460d ago

Oblivion did (and does) scream next-gen and was the main motivation for my 360 purchase. Some games, not so impressive IMO. Latest example for me would be Splinter Cell DA. I didn't feel like it was an improvement (or even on par) with CT. Horrendous load times, only marginally better graphics, little inovation to gameplay if any. I look back on CT and think damn that was a good game. I'll look back on DA and think damn what a disappointment. This article does have it right about marketing games and under-delivering. Companies work hard at hyping a game. The majority of the time they don't deliver what is promised. Fortunately, this won't be the case with GOW.

death monk4460d ago

the problem with Splinter Cell is Ubisoft juggles the game between studios. Chaos Theory was developed by the Montreal Studio, if memory serves me, and Double Agent was made in the Shanghai studios. At the time DA was being made the Montreal studio was making the newest Rainbow Six.

bluhefner4460d ago

I didn't even realise that u have a good point. Ubisoft also pointed out how Pandora Tommorow was developed by the Shanghai team and the game felt different from the first one. So im assuming the next Splinter Cell will be developed from the Montreal team and will be a lot improved than DA, IMHO.

ZeroAlarm4460d ago

All companies are guilty of over-hyping and giving false promises about the next-gen, but I think it's safe to say that the main culprit is Sony

THWIP4460d ago

...this guy is a raging Nintendo fan. Here's a list of 360 games, both released and near future releases, that simply couldn't be done last gen....ESPECIALLY with the PS2:

- Oblivion
- G.R.A.W.
- PGR3
- Kameo (look at the GC and Xbox screens in screenshot archives, to see the difference)
- Dead Rising
- Gears of War (Duh)
- Bioshock
- Mass Effect
- Lost Odyssey
- Assassin's Creed
- Huxley
- Alan Wake
....and many, many more future titles.

Games that could've run on the XBOX, but would've looked more like DOOM3, Thief:DS or Riddick, at best:

- Condemned
- F.E.A.R.
- COD2

The thing that pisses me off about the early next-gen titles, is the crappy ports, and games using hold-over engines from XBOX/PS2 as their basis. EA is still milking their Renderware acquistion, and Ubisoft reused the SC:CT engine for SC:DA. GUN, TH:AW, King Kong, The Godfather, Hitman:Blood Money, and numerous other titles were poor last-gen ports.

If you want to blame someone, you can start with Sony. By continuing to support/push the PS2 beyond the first 4-5 years, they created such a strong installed base, that developers can ween themselves off of the easy's just too damned tempting. MS did the right thing by abandoning the XBOX. Developers are quickly realizing dev'ing for it would be risky, with only 20 million units worldwide, and much less interest in it vs. 360.

PS360WII4460d ago

the way I look at these new systems is that they have games I can't buy on the curent. Plain and simple nothing better about them just that I can't buy them on a different system

PS3n3604460d ago

I am a graphics whore I admit it. The next gen games from Sony and MS are a dream come true for me. The more movie like they get the more time I invest playing them. I disagree with the comment of dirt on a plate lets call it chocolate cake instead.