Tablet Graphics Rivaling PS4/Xbox One Is Not Much of A Stretch, End of Consoles is Exaggerated:Unity

"For all the hype that next gen consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One garner, there's been plenty of discussion about the advancing technology for smartphones and tablets. We caught up with Founder CEO of Unity Technologies David Helgason to discuss the chances of mobiles rivaling graphics on the PS4/Xbox One five years from now, along with other improvements to be expected."

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GarrusVakarian2018d ago

"Tablet Graphics Rivaling PS4/Xbox One Is Not Much of A Stretch"

Haha, thanks for the daily laugh.

cleft52018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

The main problem with this claim is that they aren't taking into account is the fact that the tablet screen is a heck of a lot smaller than your tv screen for tablets. So while it may look as good in some cases, that's mainly do to the smaller screen. It's more a trick of the eyes than anything else.

inveni02018d ago

The question is also whether or not they'll rival them in 5 years, and that's very possible. 5 years is a long time...especially in mobile tech.

MaxXAttaxX2018d ago

"Tablet Graphics Rivaling PS4/Xbox One Is Not Much of A Stretch"

Will they include the same talented game developers(and games) that PS4/XBO have as well?

I'll give them 5 years before they can look as good and at a comparable price.

WickedLester2017d ago

Nor are they factoring in controls. Dedicated gamepad >>>>>>>&g t;>> tablet controls!

hollabox2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Did Nvidia pay this guy? Besides more memory Tablets and Smartphones are still not on par with the X360 and PS3. But 5 years from now you never know, I'm sure Nintendo will have a new console in the middle of that time frame that will outpace any tablets for another 3-5 years.

SilentNegotiator2018d ago

On the upside, a tablet with that much power makes a great hand warmer.
...oops, I meant "incinerator"

Who cares if you can get that much power in a tablet? You'll never run something like Killzone:SF without destroying the thing.

Tablets are more suited for simple games. I'm working on a simple 2D point and click for iOS and Android, for example. No point trying to max out a tablet when the main audience is a younger crowd (not graphic enthusiasts).

Death2018d ago

The AMD CPU/GPU combo chip was created for tablet use. Sony and Microsoft are using these same chips in their new consoles. Other than the amount of ram and the way it is accessed, what else is different in the PS4 and Xbox One? It is not much of a stretch for upcoming tablets to rival if not match the next gen consoles.

TheRealTedCruz2018d ago


Really though . . . that's the truth.
Good luck with the N4G community's backlash, however.

r1sh122018d ago

lol of course it is.
How low are those APUs clocked in a tablet compared to a console?
Its about the amount of power the chip will use, and a tablet uses a battery so power is limited off the bat.
The chip could be exactly the same, but if it cannot get enough power through the transistors then it cannot rival anything that has a AC power unit.

You cant beat physics.
To sum up, the differences.
Console Vs Tablet
AC power Vs DC Power
Heat dissipation Vs Plastic/Metal case
Size (more space to utilise) Vs Small size and weight
The list is endless so there are plenty of differences other than amount of ram and the way its accessed.

Its not even backlash - its comparing real scenarios

LonDonE2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

The key difference is power to watt ratio!
The consoles are connected to a mains and so can draw as much power or electricity as they want, but a phone or tablet with its small form factor has to conserve battery power, yes you can plug it into the wall, but again the small form factor will always dictate how much performance or how hard you can push the said gpu/cpu!

And if your going to plug your phone or tablet into a hdtv and wall outlet, then why wouldn't you just use a dedicated games console?

I have yet to play a game like a top tier ps3 game on a tablet or phone, hell even ps2 and original xbox games! phones and tablets are just not their yet, and even if they do get there, the lack of proper control's will always be a barrier! yes you can get blue tooth controller, i use my ps3 and wii controllers on my phone at times, but still still i just don't think they will ever over take dedicated games consoles!

r1sh122018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )


Here are the facts. Consoles use AC power (Power from the mains).
Tablets use DC power - Batteries.

If by any miracle a thin and light tablet manages to have the same power as a GPU in a console - how long will the battery last for?
1-3 minutes?

Dont forget how much the battery is already doing.
THe CPU, screen, wifi etc..
A tablet with heavy use playing fruit ninja cant last more than 6 hours so playing a game at 1080p and 60fps is not going to happen any time soon.

In 5 years it could happen, but console/PC CPUs/GPUs will get more powerful too.

Death2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Here's Diablo3 @30fps in 720p on a Surface Pro.
1120x584 on the console versions.

The Jaguar APU uses very low power which was one of the mandates for tablet use. Either way, you will most likely plug it into an outlet if you are going to game with it much like a gaming laptop. A keyboard and mouse or a controller will enhance the experience too. A game console is spinning a HDD and in many cases an optical drive like the Blu-ray that comes standard. In a tablet you are using non-spinning flash drives which require very little power compared to an HDD or optical drive.

MaxXAttaxX2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )


Surface Pro is $1000. It's practically a laptop PC, not your average iOS or Android tablet. And Diablo 3 isn't exactly a feat.

r1sh122016d ago

@MaxxAttaxx Thats what I Was thinking.
Not only is it a laptop with terrible battery - it has a I5 laptop processor in it too.

Compared to android/ IOS tablets.

FamilyGuy2018d ago

He must mean "[watching videos] of next gen console games on your tablet"

PunisherRevenge2018d ago

Lol...this article is funny. how can a tablet be more powerful than the X1 and PS4 when they haven't even out performed the X360 and the PS3 and those consoles been out for the last 7/8

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panbit862018d ago

LMFAO This is one great joke! HAHAHAHA

Benjammin252018d ago

What difference would it make if tablets were capable of stunning graphics? The only game anyone plays on one of those things is angry birds.

Death2018d ago

Believe it or not, the Surface Pro is a pretty capable game machine. You can connect it to your HDTV via the mini display port output too. You won't tear it up with BF4, but it will play Diable 3 pretty competently. There's quite a bit in the Steam library it will play well and that is "dated" tech. Once tablets come out with the AMD Jaguar APU's in them they will be excellent gaming machines on the go and for many people a solid PC replacement.

kingduqc2018d ago

Tablets get better and better exponential, next gen is quite low end gpus and also on a laptop form factor.

Yes it's true, in 5-6 years(before the end of the gen) tablets will surpass consoles. Quite sad really. I mean the next gen can't even do 1080p or 60 fps in like 3/4 games

panbit862018d ago

Without great talented developers pushing these machines it won't mean a thing having these specs... and that's were great graphics come from. Talented studios.

Pancit_Canton2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Tablet gaming should have stayed in toilet...... literary.

ravinash2018d ago

Five years from now...sure maybe, if apple and samsung are willing to put in the investment. But will there be any need too?
Sure games are fun on tablets, but they are limited on what they can do purely by the touch screen controls.
It's one thing to have a side scrolling platformer or puzzle game look good, but a FPS would be stretching it.

So can they - in a few years time, sure wy not
Will they - remains to be seen.

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