Trophy Appearance PS4 vs PS3

This is how trophies appear on the Playstation 4. The sound is the same as on PS3, but now it appears on the upper left side and it also scrolls in from the left side before fading away.

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Tooly2020d ago

ps4's more sleek more elegant

cleft52020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Elegant and refined. Just like the PS4 design, very nice touch Sony.

JimmyLmao2020d ago

hopefully you can still read the subject of messages that you receive without actually clicking into them... it is a really handy thing :)

forcefullpower2020d ago

Only thing I hated was seeing that uplay crap at the bottom.

GutZ312020d ago

The UPlay thing was on the PS3 version, but I suspect Ubisoft trying to force connectivity on all platforms...

KiL-shablogin2020d ago

My life can finally continue now....

Xsilver2020d ago

looks more elegant and sleek i ain't complaining.

Pancit_Canton2020d ago

Best chime ever lol. I should put that on my ringtone.

FunAndGun2020d ago

The chirp in Killzone might have it beat. :)

adorie2020d ago

Nothing says another kill like that little bleep-chirp.

CalibriSerif2020d ago

i will eat that pancit canton!

ufo8mycat2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Grey text on black background?

I love the simple look, but color choice is meh.

What about a light silver for the text so it stands out more, but then it would be the same color as the title of the trophy

*shrugs* still grey.. lawlz

Tooly2020d ago

when you put a theme on it usually theme's notifications.

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