Console Monster: Dark Sector Review

Console Monster writes: "Being one of the first announced Xbox 360 titles, and a game which has been planned since the PlayStation One, it's a wonder if the development team are creating a gem of a game which takes time, or that they have the organisation skills of comparison to Scott Miller (look that one up young ones). Either way, the game has officially landed and it is time to judge how unique and original an 8 year old game can be.

From the offset Dark Sector holds promise thanks to a stylish noir introduction, dropping the player right into the middle of combat and explaining the controls at a slow pace, however, before long you will soon start to notice the tears. By placing you right into the midst of combat with a good assortment of weaponry, you will find that dealing with any encounter is a breeze as weaponry in Dark Sector is extremely over powered. A single placed bullet will throw an opponent backwards, throwing their arms in an opportune, yet honourably realistic motion. This knockback provides seconds of fire-free time to fire another shot and finish them off. Typically you will be questioning why you bought Dark Sector at this point of the game, however, if you prolong just a little further you will have your benefit of guns stripped from you, and find the hidden gem.

Upon completing the tutorial and the introduction into the weak storyline, you will find yourself in control of a glaive..."

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