Throwing Digital Sheep- F1 2013 Review

Aaron Stone writes: "F1 2012 was a hallmark of brilliance in regards to the racing experience, it was a finely tuned game that nailed the thrill of racing but failed to captivate the glamour of the sport, it was something that I hope would be in F1 2013 along with improvements to the career. Unfortunately this is not the case; the content seems to have been recycled from last year as the main focus this year has been to focus on adding classic cars and drivers to the series"

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Dfooster1841d ago

I stopped reading when he said Andy Murray did the VoiceOver for classic content. Quite what a Wimbledon champion knows about motor racing I do not know?

Also just for the record 2012 wasn't finely tuned at all as the article says but 2013 is, so if you actually played last years game and were frustrated by a few things you may want to consider 2013 as its a far better experience.