Fall update bricking lots of 360s

November has barely begun but Microsoft has seemingly already won the Screw-up of the Month award. Yesterday's big Fall Dashboard Update does a lot of good things to your 360, like 1080p support and WMV streaming. And it does some bad things, like reducing a lot of Xbox 360s to 4kg paperweights.

As our Dutch friends at Fok! Games have discovered, there seems to be a fatal error in the latest update causing recently purchased or replaced Xbox 360s to die on their owners (translated and summarized for your reading pleasure):

When you do the following with your new Xbox 360 you will be getting a fatal and permanent "System Error". That means you should not do this!

Boot the console.
Select the language.
Select "I am a member of Xbox Live"
Mandatory dashboard update will download and install.
The system will reboot and show the 360 logo.
You'll get "System Error E71?.
When you get this error the 360 is dead and cannot be revived anymore: you will need to take it back to your store for replacement or contact Xbox Customer Support.

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marionz4459d ago

probably made up by some sour ps3 fan, i had no problem with my update, and i doubt that this es even true, discovered by dutch LOL im not surprised

SjaakHaas4459d ago

How do you mean not suprised?

Arkham4459d ago

Yeah, that's why the news is all over the 360 sites. It's appears to be true, at least for those with particular modded boxes.

SjaakHaas4459d ago

This only applys for those who recently bought a 360 and want to join Xbox Live. After the regestration process you will get the update and BAM... ur out. For the most of us (who already have a up to date 360) it wont be a problem.

beans4459d ago

Well I just got my new 360 back fom customer support and have yet to do the update! I guess I will wait for MS response to see if this is true or not! I have a funny feeling that Sony fans are trying hard to put down the 360 whenever given a chance!

DEIx15x84459d ago

The update was in October so Microsoft hasn't screwed anything up in November yet. That statement alone was enough for me to consider the article a PS3 fanboy posting, don't worry the PS3 will still be the champion for November mess ups.

darktangent4459d ago

Other than having a modded 360 we dont know what other reasons why MS may Brick your system. There have been a couple of things that gamers have been doing lately while are not that bad are against MS Terms of Use. You know the whole linking a foreign account to get country specific content. Lately I hear that there is a way for two 360 owners to share the same live content. Im not saying that these are "brickable" offenses but we have not accepted the possibility that there are other no no's that you can do that may get you bricked.

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The story is too old to be commented.