Are Steam Machines Dead On Arrival?

Prototype specs have been released & if this is indicative of it's price well... No bueno!

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porkChop2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I think they will be. The Steam Machines are supposed to compete with consoles, and convert console gamers over, but with those PC specs there's no way in hell these things will be below $1000. No console gamer would spend that much money, especially when the SM's run Linux which guarantees a tiny library compared to Windows.

They're a great idea in theory, but they're just too expensive to work in reality.

DeadManIV2020d ago

I'm not sure who they are targeting, but if they can make it cheaper than building a similar PC, im in

pixelsword2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

No bueno, no bueno indeed!

That's the thing: they were supposed to compete with consoles, but they actually compete with PCs and PC OS; and even then, PC guys may not be into that because of their own rigs.

SM is very powerful, no doubt; but there's no advantage of getting it if the xbox one or PS4 was among your choice in terms of price.

If people are complaining about the xbone's price, then SM won't quell their voices.

forcefullpower2020d ago

These are not to compete with consoles . this is about getting rid of microsoft hold on the PC game market.

porkChop2019d ago

They're living room-targeted PCs, they're directly going up against consoles.

Bigpappy2020d ago

I personally have no desire to own one. I can already play steam games on my existing PC. This reminds me of the shield (No real market demand). Really don't see the benefit so valve has so serious selling to do here.

Thatguy-3102020d ago

Don't really know who they are targeting as a market. Console gamers won't shell out a lot of money for pricy hardware. And pc gamers will already have a gaming pc.

porkChop2020d ago

Exactly. There's no real market for these things.

PopRocks3592020d ago

Already a doom article. N4G, everybody. We don't have price tags yet! How can a question like that even pass through your keystrokes?

porkChop2020d ago

Because the included hardware is extremely expensive, and Valve will be making a profit on top of that? There is no possible way these things can be cheap. It's not like on consoles where they use cheaper, customized parts. There are retail parts being purchased from the manufacturers.

PopRocks3592020d ago

There is more than one SKU with different price tags. Food for thought.

Mikeyy2020d ago

Did you even read? The words GTX Titan mean anything to you?

That alone is a $1000 part.

PopRocks3592020d ago

As a matter of fact I did. There is still no price tag. Until then, I am not going to tolerate any "dead on arrival" rhetoric. Especially when there are multiple SKUs for this hardware in particular.