Rocksmith 2014’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Redemption | IGN

IGN: "How the guitar-teaching game’s sophomoric slab is set to right the wrongs of its 2011 debut."

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GinkgoID2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I have not played Rocksmith though I am interested in it and have been watching from afar.

The main reason that I have not taken the plunge is that it does not support TAB which is the standard nomenclature for guitar music the world over. I would much prefer to read TAB (rather than guitar hero style notes) and have my reading skills improve whilst playing the game, as that would help me outside of Rocksmith too.

Which is why I am keeping an eye on Bandfuse when it releases later this year, because it does support TAB. But it is not released yet and has a lot to prove. Time will tell.

The other hesitation I have is that the DLC songs are overpriced, you would end up paying a lot of money. Whereas things like Songsterr and Youtube are free. Well Songsterr has a paid option, but you can access all the TAB for free. I would prefer a small yearly subscription, where you then get access to all their songs.

I guess I am saying that Rocksmith has positioned itself halfway between a guitar tutor and a game, which risks leaving itself in no mans land. I would personally prefer a fun, guitar tutor. I guess 1.4 million people disagree.

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ArchangelMike2976d ago


I am a huge Rocksmith fan, and would highly recommend it if you enjoy playing guitar.

Rocksmith 2014 I believe will support TAB, in the sense that it will now include TAB fingering. While Rocksmith did not support TAB, it allowed you to 'invert' the layout of the strings to TAB layout.

Rocksmith 2014 's DLC is backward compatible, but yeah it can get a bit pricey when you start to collect songs.

Rocksmith 2014 promises to be that fun guitar tutor, much more so than Banfuse, from what I've seen and read.

patsrule3162975d ago

As a long time guitar player, I found that inverting the display was very helpful, and wound up being fairly close to tab. I agree the pricing of the DLC is high, but I did manage to buy 5 1600 Xbox points cards last black friday for a total of $50 at Target, and combined with the Rocksmith sales this summer, I got all of the songs I wanted at the real price of $1 each (I bought about 25 DLC songs).

I would say the biggest problem with Rocksmith is latency, although I got around it by only playing it on my original white Xbox through the component cables and analog audio out, sending the audio to my headphones instead of my television. Playing through HDMI just was too slow of a response time. Bandfuse say they solved the latency problem, but I'll have to see if they really pulled it off. I am definitely getting Rocksmith 2014, but if Bandfuse works well, I will eventually buy it too, when it's price drops.