Dual Wielding: Top 7 Best New Franchises/IPs of the Generation

Dual Wielding starts its "Game of the Generation" series focusing on various aspects that helped this generation of games. First week, The Top 7 Best New Franchises and IPs of the generation.

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hellzsupernova2019d ago

The last of us
Mass effect

They would be my personal picks. Nothing stands out as much as these games this generation. (Can I include red dead.?)

Riderz13372019d ago

Well since you only listed 5, I'd like to add Heavy Rain and Demon Souls to that list. Possibly also Beyond, but haven't played it yet =P

hellzsupernova2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I did type out heavy rain loved heavy rain, dunno why I went back on it. I was going to say assassins creed but I couldn't finish three that was probably my favourite before ac3 ruined it for me.

2019d ago
dcj05242019d ago

WARHAWK. Best multiplayer game of the gen.