Consoles in decline in UK homes

Tablet availability and usage rises significantly amongst children, according to a new Ofcom report

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fOrlOnhOpe572023d ago

New report needed from November 29th :-)

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CRAIG6672023d ago

I recently had to remove possession of my 11 year old's Kindle fire as me and my wife found some pretty inappropriate searches in his web history.
I actually don't agree with kids having their own tablets/ability to freely roam the internet. I will also add we had safe guards in place to protect him from finding malicious content/porn etc however any parent knows how clever kids can be and our lad had managed to remove/bypass 2 levels of protection with little hassle.

My point really is that I would rather my kids used a console for gaming, something I think me and my wife would be able to keep a closer eye on.

beepbopadoobop2023d ago

Well said, I dont think most people even think about that kind of thing when handing their kids smart phones or tablets at a young age, as well as the stories you hear pretty often of kids going wild with microtransactions using their parents account to pay for it all without them being aware of it.

The general public often see gaming on consoles as anti social, but ive always found they gave me a talking point when meeting new people at college/university and actually helped me be more social if anything.