The Biggest Thing Wrong With Mass Effect

Why Mass Effect’s biggest threat, the Reapers, are one of the series’ biggest flaws.

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3-4-52021d ago

ME1 was a really good game. Parts of 2 were done well, but it was boring, and 3 was just_________.

Roccetarius2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I thought removing mechanics, instead of improving them made ME2 worse. ME3 didn't make things better, by adding things like the simplistic fetch quests.

Not to mention that MP was forced to achieve the ''best'' outcome, because it was impossible to achieve otherwise.

Of the 3 games, i still consider the first game the best.

Sideras2021d ago

That is a general thing that keeps happening all the time in games today. Instead of improving or fixing they strip away parts and polish what remains, this whole streamlining crap needs to stop.

Blacklash932021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

ME2 is my favorite as a standalone game, though it didn't do any favors for the overall trilogy.

But for the story arc of the trilogy, ME1 is definitely the best.

Irishguy952021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

ME1 was really good but had flaws

ME2 was better, however it removed things from ME1 instead of improving them.

ME3 was really good too, but again it removed even more things.

The reason I stuck with ME3 was because the combat was good and the story was good(up until the ending)

The most important thing foe ME2 was to only collect what minerals you needed, and to not go off specifically to get them, that made the game horribly boring. I even dropped the game until I went back and tried again, spacing out the minerals mining on planets which stopped it from being boring.

DOMination-2020d ago

I pretty much agree with your points.

All three games were great. Wish they could have remade me1 with me3 combat mechanics though.

Juste_Belmont2021d ago

I only played ME2, but my biggest issue was that it seemed like the focus was on the story over gameplay, and the story didn't seem to interesting in the first place. It reminded me of the old choose your own adventure novels I used to read as a kid. I enjoyed them, but I never took them seriously.

If BioWare hadn't focused so much on relationship factors, story factors, and the dialog wheel, maybe they could have made a fun open world game set in space. I tried ME because I like the concept of an open world space game, but the gameplay didn't appeal to me. If they focus on making it more fun in the next game, maybe I'll check it out, but I want more freedom, not the same corridor/cover shooter I played in ME2.

aliengmr2021d ago

You pretty much missed the point. Its just not your cup of tea. Gameplay took a backseat to story, that's what BioWare is good at. If you didn't care for the story, well, too bad.

Also doesn't help that you only played ME2.

Not trying to be harsh, but you want to get rid of the only thing that was worth anything in the series.

Juste_Belmont2021d ago

Fair point, I'm sure there were plenty of people who started from the beginning who enjoyed the story, but I just wanted to explore space. Maybe I'd feel different about it if I'd played ME1 first, but I guess it wasn't the game I was looking for.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though. Maybe we will both be able to enjoy the next game in the series.

Lord_Sloth2021d ago

The only real issue I had was the choices not really meaning anything.


ME1 has you choose between Alenko and Williams but I chose to protect the bomb to ensure it's destruction because honestly, she was a racist and he was an ass so I didn't care about either of them. The choice effects nothing story wise either, it just replaces 1 with the other beyond that and they do the same things for the remainder of the series.

ME2 has you choose to work with TIM or to disolve your partnership with him at the ending. This means nothing because no matter what you choose or do, you still turned on him anyway in 3 so again, this choice is an illusion.

ME3's endings don't change in option no matter what choices you've made. It's just a dialogue with a different color, not to mention 1 of your choices is to do what you just killed TIM for trying to do in the 1st place making his complete section as the villain incorrect.

The hardest choice I had to make was choosing between the Quarians and the Geth and it was a decision I made instantly because I liked Tali far more than Legion.


I liked the series, I really did but the choices were just kind of there and didn't really change anything in the grander scheme of things. Just changed who was saying the dialogue here and there.

In terms of Gameplay ME2 was my favorite, hands down. It wasn't full blown action shooter like 3 and it wasn't as clunky as 1.

NarooN2021d ago

Agreed 100%. Not to mention how the devs hyped up so many events/characters who were given tons of spotlight and exposition, only to mysteriously either disappear or do nothing in ME3. The Rachni Queen, who was hyped to hell and back in ME1 and somewhat in ME2? Doesn't really make an appearance in 3 and is only barely mentioned as being a part of your war effort if you met the requirements. The Harbinger, who was all over ME2? Lol he barely even made a *cameo* in the third game, and that was at the end, where he didn't even do anything.

There were so many choices that were hyped up to make a huge difference where in the end, they were really insignificant. I had fun with the three games, but ME3 was a massive disappointment story-wise, especially with the endings.

And I just have to laugh at the people who tried to defend the "endings" of ME3. Because the devs blatantly lied in one interview months before the game launched, where they literally said they wouldn't do a cop-out and have some "generic A, B, or C ending that all players get" and that's EXACTLY what the end of ME3 was!

MattS2021d ago

Truly horrible article.

The fact that the author doesn't seem to realise that the Reapers are the embodiment of one of the popular philosophical arguments at the moment for why humans haven't discovered other alien life (go do some reading around possible "answers" to the Fermi Paradox), invalidates the entire argument.

"Oh, but the Reapers are so BORING" - not if you understand the reason Bioware built them, kiddo.

This is what's wrong with games journalism. People throwing out opinion pieces without actually validating their opinion first.

Sideras2021d ago

I agree, the reapers where one of the things that made me like the games. And they were perfectly fine until the ME3 ending ruined everything about them. Turning them from mysterious and intimidating to a fucking joke.
I will never understand how they managed to ruin that series for me.

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