Guarantee a PS4 for $10,000

Karam Elahi reports from SpawnFirst: "Talk about being optimistic, but Ebay seller canni002 might be onto something, considering the PS4 pre-order delays that we’ve been hearing about recently. But wait, before you start complaining about the $10K price tag, canni002 is also including an extra Dualshock 4 (2 in total), a PlayStation Eye, a full copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and even a 3-year warranty. See! Now that $10,000 seems justified!"

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Kingthrash3602022d ago

not this gen if sony has as many ready for the holiday season as they say.

shivvy242022d ago

Only an idiot would buy this, I rather wait a month and spend $9500 on games/gaming pc/tv/xb1/holidays/car etc than guarantee a day 1 edition

NatureOfLogic2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

For half that price, why not build a PC that will absolutely sh!t on PS5? also buy a PS4, Xbone and build another gaming PC that will out-perform both on any given day and still have loads of money left for games lol.

Tornado2022d ago

Because we are console gamers :) We love consoles.

MidnytRain2022d ago

So? With that money you can have both consoles AND an insane PC.

boeso2022d ago

PC gamers remind me of Jeremy Clarkson: "POWERRRR!"

DeadlyFire2022d ago

PC max now is basically what PS5/XB2 will be capable of doing in another 5 years. Although bandwidth for all graphics cards, RAM, and CPUs are about to break a barrier in 2015/2016 so we could see some enhancements to next next gen consoles as well.

Bill_Willson_CIA2022d ago

Because PC don't have sony's amazing first parties. ;)

Captain Qwark 92022d ago

^^seriously. heck for half that price you can build a bad *ss pc, buy a 60 inch tv, get an xbone, but a few games, and treat your gf to a nice date so she isnt pissed you spend the next week gaming.

DragonKnight2022d ago

If you have a PC you don't need an Xbox One.

Captain Qwark 92022d ago


not really the point im making. the point is, for that kind of money you can do so many other things, hell you could even throw a cruise in that mix. no console, pc, gaming anything is worth 10gs. that guy is a moron for trying to charge that and anyone who pays it is even more idiotic. even if your rich like scrooge mcduck and have tons of expendable cash, it still wouldnt make sense to pay that for a ps4

DragonKnight2022d ago

I know the point you're trying to make, I'm just saying that having a bad ass PC and an Xbox One is redundant.

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ChrisW2022d ago

Definitely tells you something about the clientele...

NegativeCreep4272022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

It is up for sale still. No one has purchased what clientele???

Oh my trollie sense is tingling!

ChrisW2022d ago

What!?! It happened to the PS3!

SIGH... Typically sensitive.

meatysausage2022d ago

Funny thing is, I bet you someone will buy it. Its Ebay

Big_B0SS2022d ago true, I have seen people pay big money for something as stupid as a chicken tender shaped like Abraham Lincon.

meatysausage2022d ago

some people and their money, I will never know

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