Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor Phillips Spotted on CBS’s Person of Interest

Mr. Ogg’s role in the episode was much smaller than that of Mr. Luke’s in Boardwalk Empire, but it is still amusing to see that in such a short amount of time, Mr. Ogg’s character gets into Trevor Phillips territory when it comes to causing mayhem.

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Aceman182019d ago

i knew it the minute he showed up lol.

-Foxtrot2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I F****** KNEW IT

Honestly I was thinking about it all night when I was watching it, my internet was off and I couldn't check it...forgot all about it untill now

Trevor in a show which WatchDogs MUST of took funny

r212019d ago

It was a neat pop up for him. PoI is an awesome show to pop on too :D